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Café Puck - Munich

Café Puck - Türkenstr. 33, 80799 Munich, Germany

Puck is pretty studenty, but the students around here are dead trendy. Not really a place to meet new people, because it's cliquey and although usually busy it never seems to be really full. Perhaps that is an illusion created by generous table spacing, but compare it to Sausalitos across the street and see what I mean.


The bar at the back is a little more dark and secretive than the open plan front room and it does have a feeling of conspiracy or something about it. A starting point for a night out or somewhere to kickback and chill out midweek.

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Went here for dinner. All the tables in use on a Wednesday evening. Service was decent and the food was very good. Cafe Puck now offers wireless LAN and DSL connections for free with your own laptop.

Posted by: "Show'Em" at 8:23 pm on 28.Jan.2004

Great place! We hold the Munich4Kerry meetups in the back area. They are very accomodating and the food is good with an eclectic menu. You will find something you like and for once there is no schweinebraten mit knödel in a German place - a nice change!

Posted by: "Jeffrey Ely" at 9:21 am on 7.Oct.2004

Isn't this where Hitler used to hang out? Odd choice for Munich4Kerry meetings...

Posted by: "Patently Obvious" at 10:17 am on 8.Oct.2004

Geeze! It seems like every cocktail house, coffee house, out house, and dog house in the whole of Munich was once a place where Hitler used to hang out. Get over it!

Posted by: "Churchill" at 10:22 am on 8.Oct.2004

Cafe Puck is the site of the former Allotria, a famous Jazz place which died with all the other great jazz clubs in Munich --Domizil, Cadillac, Gaenzebluemschen. The hip thing to do in the 60's was to go to Sunday morning jazz sessions. I like the idea that Puck's is still packed late Sunday mornings. You can see some pictures of the old days in Allotria at this site, which I found through Google: http://www.dr-jazz.net/jazz1/

Posted by: pink jello at 10:15 pm on 18.Oct.2004

We were there the other day and I have to say I found it really terrible, apart from the food. Because there were no tables (of course) we had to sit at the counter. After a few minutes I realized that the cigarette smell was especially strong, even for a German restaurant, and found out that the waitress had left her burning cigarette right next to the bar where people were eating. Very nice. After she didn't come back for awhile, we just put it out. We waited for some time, and finally had to beg a waitress to take our order, which is getting really tiresome - I like to go out to eat but I don't see why I should have to go out of my way in order to, well, give someone money. The best service we received at a restaurant in Schwabing was in a small Pakistani restaurant - the waiters there were fabulous.

Posted by: "Lisa" at 4:10 pm on 23.Oct.2004

a good munich cafe, buzzy atmosphere, a menu that doesn't excite too much, but differs from the standard boring munich fare a little.

Posted by: "the mongrel" at 11:23 am on 13.Feb.2006

Unfortunately, Cafe Puck no longer offer free wireless internet, now electing to charge €2 for one hour or €4 for one day. Doesn't appear to have impacted upon the number of people hunched over laptops down the back much. I enjoy their New York BLT, generous portions of smoked salmon and bacon, a crisp salad, served on a toasted bagel slathered in cream cheese. Service has gotten slower of late.

Posted by: Punchbear at 4:13 pm on 12.Mar.2008

I dropped by yesterday to see some friends for a while. I ordered a soup. I also asked for a glass of "Leitungswasser" and to my surprise I was told that I could get this exotic type of water only if I order wine, or hot drinks. Interesting i thought. After a while a friend who was also surprised by this rule, asked for "Leitungswasser" and pointed to the coffee of one of our friends, when the waitress started to say her little poem again. Then the waitress rolled her eyes in despair. Probably she had to go to a well in the center of the city to get this water...After a while we had a glass with 0.1 L of water on our table... Great place....

Posted by: GabIng at 4:19 pm on 27.Oct.2008

Why go to a restaurant or a cafe if you only would like to drink tap water? I would really be embarassed to go somewhere, and order only tap water with a soup. You can have both at at home. A cafe/ restaurant is a business and not a charity home. You can have both at at home. And it is legal to charge for tap water, not for the water per say, but the service. ps - if it is the topic of gas etc in the water, you could have ordered a Volvic.

Posted by: "Not stingy" at 10:29 pm on 27.Oct.2008

So you re saying that I should dare to enter a cafe/restaurant only if I am going to order something to eat AND something to drink that is not leitungswasser. If I dont want gas in my water I should order a Volvic. Forgive my ignorance I m still learning the rules here. I was not embarassed at all. I just went to see some friends for a while. I wouldnt get anything as I was planning to stay for 15- 20 minutes.To make it clearer, I hadn't planned to go there, and I didn't think "oh it is a nice day to go to a cafe and order just a soup and leitungswasser" just the friends were there and since i live quite close I dropped by to say hi. Anyway.Thanks for the advice. Had no idea that asking for leitungswasser and expecting to get it would make this Business look as a charity home.

Posted by: GabIng at 12:41 am on 28.Oct.2008

Well now you know. So you do not have to excuse yourself in the future. Sitting for 20 mins eating a soup, you could also have ordered a drink, as surely the soup took more time to reach the table: the water/wine would have been served first and then the soup ... so pls stop with the excuses of time. Of course you are not embarassed by it all , you wrote about it for all to read! And with a touch of "smuggness" on top of it all. One coffee for a person and tap water for all please!

Posted by: "not stingy" at 10:01 am on 28.Oct.2008

Nonsense. Puck has awful, snotty service and a level of disregard for the customer that is only possible in a undeservedly successful restaurant. McShits Dysentary Cafe couldn't fail at that location. Their service and management team suck. Period. And... One of the charming things about old world Europe is that you can order a coffee and tap water and sit for three hours, reading communist newspapers and smoking disgusting cigarettes and at the end pay your table charge, not tip and be done with it. Thats restaurant culture here. This isn't America or Britain. The rubbish gastonomical culture you are referencing should stay across the water! Begone I say! Bully! Harumph.

Posted by: "Robin" at 2:56 pm on 28.Oct.2008

Practising some "liter-rature" I see:) Stick to the facts.

Posted by: "reader" at 3:25 pm on 28.Oct.2008

Girlfriend and I ate there today. They are having a "Sommerspezial" beef burger. Best burger I have ever had in Germany. Fabulous service.

Posted by: AnthonyDoesEurope at 3:07 pm on 7.Jun.2009

I went there for lunch recently and found the service to be good. The lunchtime atmosphere was nice and relaxed, and my sandwich was tasty. I will be going back to check out some of the other items on the menu.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:35 am on 13.Oct.2009

The Angus beef burger (currently the "Herbstspezial") is excellent. I agree with the earlier reviewer--best burger I've had in Germany. The service was friendly and prompt. Very good experience.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:02 pm on 26.Oct.2009

i like cafe puck but think germans should get over being bitchy if you order a glass of tap water! what´s the big deal? especially if you have ordered something else. the problem with living here for a while is that you end up adjusting to the crappy service levels. demand more! you are worth it and you are spending your money on the goods/food. i cannot believe many germans just deal with the bad service and support it.

Posted by: "CrapService" at 9:46 pm on 26.Oct.2009

I haven't been to Puck in ages, but I remember the staff there being pretty friendly in general (and above average in terms of service levels one usually comes across)...@CrapService..you should be glad that in Munich you *can* get tap water at a restaurant..in some towns, they will refuse, which I find totally ridiculous.

Posted by: deep_schismic at 11:20 pm on 28.Oct.2009

I actually thought that being bitchy was pretty much the deal at Puck. I've been there a couple of times and everything about the place seemed that way. From the staff, to the decor to the customers. Sorry, but too much hairspray (that's the guys) & cologne and a dog in your purse don't make you cool. Take it for what it's worth, but that was my impression of 90% of the customers.

Posted by: wunnspeed at 4:01 pm on 29.Oct.2009

When I've been there, the service has been nice and friendly, some of the better service I've had in Munich. I don't really understand how you think the decor is bitchy, What is bitchy decor? The clientele didn't bother me (pretty normal crowd for the neighborhood...students, couples, professionals), and I didn't notice any dogs in purses. I also really liked the food and will return for that reason alone.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 5:13 pm on 29.Oct.2009

I was there this past Tuesday evening with three friends. Although the other orders from our table were served quickly, My dinner never arrived, despite repeated inquiries for over an hour and a half. The waiter was unbelievably rude and not really too concerned about our situation. This was the opposite of my one and only prior experience there last year where the food was good and the service friendly.

Posted by: talkdiva at 10:26 am on 31.Oct.2009

Puck? Many better places in Munich .... I was there last week with 3 friends and we had a very nasty waiter, one friend's meal never arrived (after we reminded the staff a minimum of 3 times that we were waiting - for a salad!) Time before that I had the worst pancakes I have ever had in my life. So I'm not going back there.

Posted by: erinsings at 11:15 am on 1.Nov.2009

Had the pancakes here one afternoon (served till 6pm). Very good. Best American pancakes in Munich, I would say. The service was friendly. An old guy was walking down the street, and it was very hot so he was sweating and fanning himself, so the waitress told him to sit down at one of the tables on the sidewalk and then went inside and got him a water. I liked that.

Posted by: "Timmy O'Toole" at 11:42 pm on 14.Jun.2010

They do an excellent hangover recovery meal - Leberkase with fried eggs and potatoe salad.....a couple of helles helps as well!

Posted by: awk at 8:17 pm on 15.Jun.2010
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