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Cafe Munich

Cafe Munich - Leopoldstr. 9, 80802 Munich, Germany

Cafe Munich

Leopoldstraße 9 - Munich Schwabing
Tel.: 089 343838
Website: www.cafemunich.de
Open daily from 9am - 2am, Fri & Sat til 3am

Review by: "Anonymous" on 31.Dec.2005   (edit this review)


Service really is the worst I have ever experienced. There is still a difference between the usual indifferent staff and a waiter really almost picking a fight with you. I had just asked, quite friendly, if he had forgotten my beer that I had ordered 20 minutes earlier, when he moved within an inch of my seat and started lecturing me about how crowded the place - actually hardly half-full - and how busy he was, in a loud and aggresive voice. After another 10 minutes he finally brought me a Helles - I had ordered a Weißbier. Food is so so - Hamburger ok, Pizza not. Crowd is less stylish than in most other places on Leopoldstraße, but not in a unpretentiuos or studenty, but rather in a trainer-wearing, 'chav' way.

Posted by: "Michael" at 9:38 am on 31.Dec.2005

Welcome to Germany! If there is something that you will hardly find here is service. Unfortunately, people in this country has absolutely no sense of the word "service", and most staff at shops and restaurants behave as if they were the ones doing a favour to you. If it was in the US, these people would have been fired on the spot.

Posted by: "Andy" at 1:53 pm on 3.Jan.2006

Oh stop with the complaining about German service. Vote with your wallet and stop moaning.

Posted by: "bored" at 5:02 pm on 3.Jan.2006

The soup was good. It's only a Euro and 80 cents. For 1 euro and 80 cents the Thai waiteress can ignore me as long as she wants. It wasnt' crowded either. Thumbs up to 1.80 soup.

Posted by: "Robert Johnson" at 2:54 pm on 4.Jan.2006

1.80 for soup sounds great but how does it taste? As good as the service? Then again most german places would charge you that just for a bowl of water, so is a good deal. How can u vote with your wallet when virtually everywhere has a simliar standard of service? A german friend did comment that she prefers the "real" way that german service workers deal with customers rather than the fake "say this and smile or you will be sacked" anglosaxon way. I can understand this point and almost agree with it but she didnt have much to say when I asked her why if they are acting normally: why they are all rude!

Posted by: "scots" at 1:30 pm on 7.Jan.2006

awful awful cocktails and milkshakes...yes i made the mistake of returning a few times... a popular place for munichs teens, as they try and sneak in underage...drinks are truly awful...and so is the service i have had but kind of nice you can sit 'outside' (covered from rain and cold by a see through tent...with heaters as it gets cold still: dont go. trust me, youll regret it.

Posted by: "stephanie" at 10:55 pm on 9.Mar.2006

Cafe Munich has always been the same. 5 or so years ago I waited over half an hour before I got service and that was only because I went to the bar to order and THEY sent the waitress over. I couldn't leave because I was with friends that were already there. After I'd ordered, the food came before my drink so I wanted send the food back because I will not eat without having a drink. Of course, she ran off and got my beer straight away. In there 2 weeks ago cos a friend was in town and wanted to go there. Service was better, but in reality it couldn't have been worse than previous times. The music bugged the **** out of me cos it was from a hard disk or something and kept skipping. As for service in Germany . . . . my girlfrind works in "Gastronomie", (yeah waitress) and she really prides herself on good service. More service = more tip in theory.

Posted by: Jeckel at 10:47 am on 11.Mar.2006

cheap, ergo popular with younger students. Mediocre food and indifferent service, but if you just want to watch what would otherwise be pay-per-view football on a big screen and have a beer, it is pretty good for that.

Posted by: Nadia at 11:17 pm on 10.Feb.2008

I had a similar experience with that "restaurant". The service there is the worst I have ever experienced. The place can be almost empty and you still have to wait half an hour before the waiter notices you (I am not exaggerating). When you want to pay, you will have to wait for a very long time again, and even if you start waving you can't be sure he notices you. It almost seems like he ignores you intentionally. If you walk up to him and ask him to take your order he is even insulting you and tells you he is busy, but actually walks around like he was sleep walking. And yeah, the pizza I ate there was the most disgusting I have ever eaten.

Posted by: "Holgi" at 5:14 pm on 8.Jun.2010
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