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Café An Der Uni - CADU - Munich

Café An Der Uni - CADU - Ludwigstr. 24, Munich, Germany

CADU stands for Café An Der Uni or the University Café, and it's a student café. You’ll find a young crowd revising their papers, exchanging lecture notes or just chilling out in small groups.
Next to the U-Bahn station "Universität" on the U3/6


There are bookshelves, German magazines, bare brick walls, candles on the tables, a mini-indoor-Terrasse that is heated in the winter and a Terrasse on Leopoldstrasse in the summer (or anytime when the sun is shining). You can see into the kitchen from some angles, so if you order some food and youÂ’re really paranoid after watching Fight Club that might be a plus point for you. The food is actually quite good and cheap for what you get.

The musical selection is muted pop tunes and all-in-all it's a quiet and relaxing atmosphere where you might ask yourself "Do I really miss my student life?" and "Would I do it all again?". The answer? Maybe, if it was a salaried position with stock options and I could study design or drama or another course renowned for attracting a high percentage of females. I guess I must have learned something from the first time around.


Ludwigstrasse 24
Tel. 089 28 98 66 00
Café an der Uni (CADU)

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Quite a good little venue that I've spent a few late nights chilling out at - try the pasta and be sure to get a side salad. Good prices for drinks and food, but watch out for the beer - it can be a touch warm at times. Worth a go if you're looking for a chat and a beer and maybe a bite to eat.

Posted by: Jimbo at 9:09 pm on 8.Mar.2004
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