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Cafe am Nordbad - Munich

Cafe am Nordbad - Schleißheimerstr. 142, 80797 Munich, Germany

A nice, relaxed, unpretentious cafe/bar/restaurant immediately adjacent to Nordbad. Two of the four walls are all glass. There's not much to look at out of the cafe, just the busy traffic on Schleissheimerstrasse, but the set-up is still kinda cool. Not the hottest joint in town, but good for a quiet drink and a bite to eat. And everyone knows where it is, good for meeting up.

Cafe am Nordbad

Cafe am Nordbad
Schleißheimerstr. 142a, Schwabing
U-Bahn U2 Hohenzollernplatz
Tel. 89 12700433
Open daily 7am til 1pm
Website: Cafe am Nordbad

Review by: "Anonymous" on 3.Jan.2004   (edit this review)


The lunch special on the pool side rocked today! Grilled fish filets with almond butter, spinach & tatters all for a whopping € 3,90. I'm guessing the food is cheaper on the pool side due to it being the cantina for the staff. I eat lunch there every monday - friday. I'm the one who moves through that outdoor pool with the grace of a dolphin. And yes, I can swim upstream against the rapid. Woo!hoo! Ich liebe Nordbad!

Posted by: "TexasTornado" at 3:42 pm on 19.May.2006

Ate breakfast at this cafe on Sunday. We were really disappointed. Dimwitted waitress who said one thing and brought something else (and one of us was German so it wasn't the language issue). Food was ordered, 1 person's dish came within 15 minutes, other dishes took 1 hour. We then had to ask for the rest of our breakfast, as it was a breakfast "meal" with various parts. We were then told that they had run out of bread (even though it was 2 pm and they offer breakfast until 11 pm) but if we wanted our jam and butter etc we could have it if we insisted. It then took 40 minutes to get the bill. Will not be returning.

Posted by: "disappointed" at 2:41 pm on 25.Sep.2008

This place has gone down hill since 2006. The non alcoholic drinks are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive and the food is nothing special. I agree that the many times I have been there, the waitresses were not really on-the-ball. Slow service and no smiles.

Posted by: jodessa at 11:46 am on 26.Sep.2008

I had the Salat Shaka Taka salad there on Saturday for lunch and it was awesome. The bread that came with it was also unusually fresh and tasty. There was, though, that strange phenomenon, so common at German eating establishments, where the waiter only comes to your table if motioned over, and do not check up to see if anyone needs anything of their own accord.

Posted by: Kyle1860 at 3:22 pm on 22.Nov.2011

Been here a few times. Interesting and broad selection with reasonable prices. Nothing is great, but you probably won't be disappointed either.

Posted by: Anselm at 7:07 pm on 22.Nov.2011

Thought the food there was really good. But I agree re: the price of non-alcoholic drinks. 3.30 Euro for a glass of Pepsi is insane. But they give you free Internet, so that's a nice perk.

Posted by: "Matt" at 12:12 pm on 23.Jan.2012
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