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Buena Vista - Munich

As you might have guessed from the name, this is a Latin bar. And it's a good one too! They serve Caribbean food and have a very long menu of top quality Cocktails. The music is Latin and Salsa and there is often Salsa dancing here too. The atmosphere is pretty cool. Definitely a recommended bar if you're into your Latin beats.


Am Einlass 2, City Center
Tel. 089 26022811

Review by: "Anonymous" on 2.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


It's actually a Cuban bar, with Cuban flags, lots of paintings of Cuba, and photos of Che Guevera hanging on the wall. The cocktails are some of the best value-for-money in Munich - not diluted and tall glasses. Everyday from 6pm to 8pm is Happy Hour, as well as the entire evening on Tuesdays. Sometimes, there's live performance too. Less noisy and more intimate compared to Sausalitos, cocktails just as good or better.

Posted by: Why8 at 2:30 pm on 18.Oct.2005

They now have a website: www.buena-vista-munich.de but there's not much info there for now. Note: every Sunday night, there's free Cuban salsa lessons with some hot chicks dancing there. Cheers. :)

Posted by: Why8 at 12:11 pm on 14.Nov.2005

Hello I am the owner from buena vista if you like a new photo from my bar it could help us we are a nice bar with heart and soul(and Poetry,thaks say some thing. hasta la vista in buena vista luis vitoria

Posted by: "luis vitoria" at 7:39 pm on 24.Mar.2006

Good tip from Why8. Went with Shaggy & the German Stammtisch - nice vibe, nice music, good crowd. Only complaint was the smog but I had the misfortune to sit next to a table of chain smokers.

Posted by: jml at 8:06 pm on 25.Mar.2006

Love the atmosphere and the people here. One of my favorite hangouts in Munich.

Posted by: "xargon" at 9:59 am on 28.Mar.2006

We were at this bar last night and found it pleasant except for two things: The music was way to load and everyone was leaning over their tables in order to hear one another and they added on five extra items onto our bill that we had not ordered. If we had not checked the receipt they would have tried to charge us an extra €40,-. Be careful check your receipts before paying here!

Posted by: "fidel" at 1:48 pm on 22.Feb.2008

The bar is seriously cool, good vibe, good latin music (even for Latin standards) but unfortunately its always the same tunes. Also, the Toilet Area smels like hell - get it sorted! Otherwise its very useful for tall white men to pick up a Latina and vice versa :-)

Posted by: "JLo" at 5:24 pm on 23.Feb.2008

cocktails are really good value during Happy Hour. the food's ok, nothing special. the music is quite loud, so not the place to go for a quiet chatty evening. great atmosphere if you're into latin stuff, the DJ On Friday was excellent, and lots of people were up dancing! ok service though our waitress tried to charge us for a few drinks extra...keep your eye out for that!

Posted by: Moonboot at 10:39 am on 21.Apr.2008

Went there on Friday night and had a pretty good time. It's quite intimate inside, and if you can overlook the idolisation of a serial murderer (Che Guevarra) the decor is interesting. By 9pm it was really full. By 10pm, when they turned the Reggaeton up loud, it was so full that making a trip to the bathroom required WWF skills. The food was pretty average, but the cocktails were good and by German standards, the service was attentive. Very interesting to note the effect that Reggaeton music has on women - they go wild!

Posted by: Kyle1860 at 8:53 am on 23.Jan.2011

Fidel you are absolutely right. I had been going there for every week for the last month. With addition to ordering alcoholic drinks, I have been ordering tap water (free of costs) about 5 times each night I was there. However, last time when I was there and having asked for tap water 2nd time in the night, I was forced to pay 8 Euros for one glass of water saying that only 1 glass of water a night is free. Since when do they have this rule?? Then they ripped off my friend too with charging one cola for 9 Euros apart from the usual price of less than 3 Euros from the last weeks. I have stopped going there since then. There are much cooler, good-air conditioned salsa bars around Munich.

Posted by: "Honour" at 2:40 pm on 25.Jun.2011

It was the worst place I´ve have ever been… it´s a insafe place with many fights between people and at the end of the night someone stole my coat and the staff didn´t tell me any solution… no cloakroom inside… no good music… no recommendable Better to go to other place call sausalito (Innere Wiener Str. 19 ) with good music and friendly staff.

Posted by: "sergio" at 3:50 am on 16.Oct.2011

I would be interested to hear if someone actually known to the TT community shares your anonymous viewpoint. Your commentary is unreliable as you are not a logged in user and you specifically mention somewhere "better". That always rings alarm bells on a review. Also, "with many fights between people and at the end of the night someone stole my coat"...a regular occurrence or an isolated incident? You are grammatically confusing. Furthermore, the Sausalito's at Innere Wiener Str. 19 is in the Hofbraeukeller beer garden. Is that even open at this time of year?

Posted by: Keydeck at 3:07 pm on 16.Oct.2011
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