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Blue Nile - Munich

Blue Nile is one of the most raved about restaurants in Munich. The cuisine is traditional Ethiopian and is served in the traditional Ethiopian manner. I.e. without knife and fork.

Blue Nile - Munich

The Blue Nile now has two branches. There is one on Siegestrasse in East Schwabing. This is the original branch. Then there is a relatively new sister restaurant which is on Belgradstrasse in west Schwabing. Personally I prefer the Belgradstrasse one, but they're both excellent.

Blue Nile
Siegestrasse 22a, Schwabing
U-Bahn U3/6 Münchener Freiheit
Tel. 089 342389
Open daily 6pm til midnight. Closed Tuesdays.

Blue Nile
Belgradstr. 14, Schwabing
Between Münchener Freiheit (U3/6) and Hohenzollernplatz (U2)
or take Tram 27 to Kurfürstenplatz
Tel. 089 33039987

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


I probably go there once a week, so obviously it's my favourite restaurant in Munich. The food is quite spicy, and great vegie dishes. You eat with your hands, and the honey wine has more of a punch than the taste implies.

Posted by: "Francis Cagney" at 12:40 pm on 15.Mar.2003

I love this restaurant!!!!! It is the best Ethiopian restaurant I have been in, and the atmosphere and food are delicious. 5 thumbs up.

Posted by: "Boro" at 4:03 pm on 23.Oct.2003

I really enjoy eating at the Blue Nile when I am with comfortable friends and want a fun dining experience with different food. It's like an adventure to me. I've also been to Horn of Africa in Haidhausen with similar food, but the atmosphere there was harsh with annoying service. Instead, Blue Nile gets two thumbs up from me. Very fun, very unique.

Posted by: "Bee" at 2:19 pm on 29.Jan.2004

Went here last night - fantastic place (the one on Belgradstr.) - good food, good service, great decor... One of the best restaurants I've found in Munich so far and I'll definitely be going back - also a good selection for veggies if you're that way inclined. Also good prices - got out for 60 yoyos with 2 courses, 2 aperitifs and a bottle of red. Another two thumbs up from me - try it - you'll like it.

Posted by: Jimbo at 8:30 am on 2.Apr.2004

Went to the one on Belgradstr last night. Excellent food (Blue Nile Teller) and drinks (dark beer). I left feeling absoultely stuffed, even though when the food arrived it didn't seem to be very much. Probably the bread that filled me up. Didn't think much of the ethiopian coffee. Tasted like normal coffee that had gone a bit stale.

Posted by: "Starvin' Marvin" at 11:03 am on 9.Dec.2004

Can u tell me what non-vegetarian (chicken)dishes are good here...I wanna try ethiopian food.But before going there i wud like to know abt them.

Posted by: "Priya" at 3:03 pm on 4.Jan.2005

Ate here on Saturday night. Wasn't dissapointed one single bit. Fantastic food. Wonderful taste off everything. Highly recommend here for your next night out!

Posted by: "Gamblor" at 11:35 am on 11.Apr.2005

Excellent food. I visited it yesterday. Good Vegetarian dishes and starters. Service was good. Must visit...

Posted by: "Saumil" at 1:00 pm on 3.May.2005

Went to this restaurant this Saturday and was soooo disappointed, I felt sick after a few mouthfuls, couldn't wait to get out and grab a strong coffee to take the taste away!!! Won't be visiting there again!

Posted by: "NIcky" at 8:39 pm on 5.Nov.2005

Chalk me up as another who wasn't overly impressed with this place. Honey wine is ok, but the food was decidedly average when I went.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 11:08 am on 7.Nov.2005

When there on Saturday...awful...still got the sh*ts.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 9:25 pm on 7.Nov.2005

Maybe you should stick to semmelknoedel, then. This is a great, well-priced neighborhood restaurant. We had the mixed starter with amazing couscous and lentils and greens, complex and richly flavored, beef with tomatoes and onions and mixed vegetarian teller. The injira soaks up the delicious sauces wonderfully and the honey wine is sweet without being cloying. Very friendly service. This will become a regular haunt.

Posted by: "desyl" at 6:59 pm on 13.Nov.2005

Not impressed from what we experienced last Sat.Booked in advance only to be told when we reached there that our name is not on the list. No alternatives were given nor appology.Since we wasted 30 min driving till there,struggled to find the parking place which we also paid for not to mention the embarrassment as we had invited friends to eat with us.....That was the last trip to this reastaurant for sure

Posted by: "zush" at 3:42 pm on 20.Nov.2005

Zush, this has happend to us as well, no apology, no alternatives, just left us standing there. Totally put us off the place, where we previously had great service. Turns out we had made reservations at the other Blue Nile. One must be mindful about this when making reservations. And to Anonymous, me being of Asian origin does not make me an authority on Thai cuisine, as much as I would like it to be ingrained in my genes. And somehow, my bf being Senegalese didn't make him an expert on the food of all of Africa, either! Lucky for you this isn't an issue, mate.

Posted by: "desyl" at 5:32 pm on 26.Feb.2006

Food at Blue Nile is served in these big dishes, you eat the food with your hands, and it's so good you always want for more!

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 4:33 pm on 7.Aug.2006

I was there tonight with my girl. For me was good, only that my girlfrien had to ask for a fork the rest is ok. To Try!!

Posted by: "Indiana Jones" at 9:58 pm on 3.Nov.2006

Well, I think it's well over rated. Good eats, nothing fantastic. The portions are very small and you are forced to eat acres of a pancake type thing to fill yourself up.

Posted by: "Timberly" at 12:31 pm on 16.Jan.2007

The food is delicious and the portions are biiig eventhough they might not look it at first glance. The pancake-like 'injira' soak up well in the sauces and are really filling & the honey wine is a nice change from the usual booze in town. The one on the Belgradstrasse is definately the better one, its been done up a lot nicer.

Posted by: Zydenbos at 9:12 am on 13.Jul.2007

Visited Belgradstr last night, restaurant looked empty although all tables had been reserved. Great starters and main means - eating with fingers was fun! Servings are not large so might have to consider ordering more portions. Guests seems to enjoy themselves - place was really buzzing by 1900h. Recommended.. Anybody know what happens to the pancakes that were not eaten?

Posted by: RadicalManagement at 7:31 am on 11.Nov.2007

All those uneaten pancakes are unrolled, layered in between with Nutella, and delivered to needy homeless people in Ethiopia. It's a great ending to the story "Finish your plate, there are starving kids in [africa/china/etc] who would love to eat that!"

Posted by: one51 at 3:12 pm on 30.Nov.2007

Was there 2 days ago, we booked a day in advance for a table on the window, and we got the table upstairs behind the wall...the restaurant smells cooked food..and so were our clothes after we left. Now the best part was to eat with our fingers and try each other meal, the honigwein was excellent mixed with the spicy food, only to find out later on this night that I was not the only one spending my night on the toilet seat..sorry for this but it was awfull times there and I wasn´t the only one, something was wrong, may be it was only this day too, but I will never go again

Posted by: Reine at 12:34 pm on 28.Mar.2008

Ever since returning from Ethiopia in 2005, I have taken many friends and business associates to both Blue Nile locations. Although I prefer the Belgradstr. location, easier parking in that area. Based on the fact that both places are pretty much fully booked each and every time I ate there (10-15 times), shows me that more people tend to think the food if very good. Not only was nobody ever disappointed, all the people from Munich who I introduced, have returned on their own to enjoy some of the most unusual and very tasty food. My best experiences have been going with at least 4 people, max. 6. Ordering different food items (1 for each person) will give you the opportunity to sample the great variety of Ethiopian food). Mix the meat and vegetable dishes, try at least one spicy meat dish. One comment about the sizes of servings: We were never able to finish it all. The portions are huge. But I guess this is like the old Chocolate/Vanilla controversy. If you don’t like either flavor, there is no way to make you like it. That’s why human kind can be so diversified. This is probably not a restaurant you can frequent 3 times a week. Mainly because the food is very rich and filling. But Ethiopian food is not that well known after all. I’ll give the Blue Nile restaurants an unconditional thumbs up.

Posted by: z-man99 at 6:33 am on 19.Apr.2008

We went here last week, amazing food and an amazing experience. The food is unusual and interesting but certainly not scary or intimidating. We will be back to try many more items on the menu. I know there are loads of positive reviews for this place, just informing everybody this place is still keeping up the good work :-) Highly recommended. (we went to the location at the Belgradstraße)

Posted by: Thelonious Monk at 9:34 am on 8.Sep.2008

I've been there many times - the one on Siegestrasse. Love the food but the spices and the lentils can be a bit hard on the digestive system. But they could do better about washing their lettuce...

Posted by: "consideration" at 4:37 pm on 14.Dec.2008

I've been to well over a dozen Ethiopian restaurants all over the USA. I went to the Blue Nile on Belgradstraße while I was in Munich on business, and I'd rank it in the top third of all the Ethiopian restaurants I've been to.

Posted by: "Darwin" at 11:00 pm on 17.Dec.2008

Tried out the Belgradstr site last night on the reccommendaiton from this page and realy enjoyed the food. Its a nice change to eat with your hands and is much more social. We went with a group of 5 people and any more than 6 would most likely be too many. The honey wine was great, especially as I am a sweet tooth. I mostly enjoyed the vegetarian dishes, but the chicken was super tender and the beef had the most individual taste. The only downfall in my eyes was the service. Not only were they not to be seen often, we were often left slightly parched at the wait for drinks. There was no pro-active service to ask if we would like something else.

Posted by: "Nomes" at 5:53 pm on 13.Jan.2009

Went to Viktor-Scheffel-Str. 22 last week with 3 other friends, was an unique experience. We ordered a starter platter and a main shared among 4 was pretty good. I alone took the honey wine, was not too sweet like a late harvest wine. Nevertheless, it's not my fav type of food.

Posted by: Bronzie at 10:17 pm on 9.Jul.2009

I recently organized a 20+ person party at the Belgradestr. location, in their couch area. It went swimmingly; food & organization was great.

Posted by: randy at 4:27 pm on 29.Oct.2009

This reviewer has had the pleasure of shoveling handfuls of food into his maw twice at the Blue Nile location on Belgradestr. This is a great place to stuff your face. Although, silverware is available, the preferred method of dining is with the paws. Next time you plan on getting the munchies, just memorise the address before you dive into your recreational festivities.

Posted by: "Sir Eatsalot" at 5:21 pm on 2.Nov.2009

I went to the Belgradstrasse branch for my birthday yesterday and have to say that I was disappointed by the food. I think that the great reviews here gave me the impression that the food would be fabulous and it absolutely is not. The 'bread' is not bread. Its more of a cold pancake but with less flavour and the meat was just ordinary. Its true about the honey wine though - this tastes lovely and we actually purchased a bottle and I write this while sipping on a glass! What makes this restaurant good is the great social experience of all eating from the same thing and eating with hands. This was unique and fun and I enjoyed it but I would much rather have had Indian food yesterday and I couldn't help feeling unsatisfied when we left.

Posted by: Buffy at 6:48 pm on 15.Nov.2009

I'm floored at how ignorant some of the comments here are. I used to live close to Washington, D.C., which has a large Ethiopian population and some of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the world. The food at Blue Nile (I went to the Belgradstr. branch) was among the best I have had. And yes, their bread IS bread, it's just a different type of bread than what Westerners are used to. Portions are hearty, but certainly neither huge nor tiny. I took my German boyfriend there, it was his first time eating Ethiopian food. We shared a combination platter for 2 with veg and meat items. He's not a fan of spicy food but he really loved his meal and we're already planning to return with friends in a few weeks. The food is much more flavorful and well-seasoned than spicy overall. The honey wine was the best I've had in any Ethiopian restaurant. Usually I avoid it, but at Blue Nile it was just a bit sweet without being overly syrupy and (as another reviewer wrote) cloying. Service, truthfully, is just average. We were never offered refills on our drinks, etc...but the food more than made up for that. To a few of the previous reviewers, open your damn minds and don't be so ignorant. You're not "forced" to eat the bread; that's how they eat in Ethiopia. Don't complain because you have to ask for a fork. There is such a thing as cultural distinctions.

Posted by: Big Apple at 7:33 pm on 25.Dec.2009

I spent 4 years in Ethiopia, so I consider myself able to compare and judge. Even in Addis, Blue Nile would be considered as one of the top restaurants. In some European "Ethiopian" restaurants you feel they just try to make their food similar to Ethiopian, but this is for real. And what´s more, if you ask for "awaza", they bring you "awaza". If you want a little "mitmita", they have it. Just like you were in Addis. Excellent! Recommendations to anybody with an open mind and stomach.

Posted by: "Pavel" at 2:38 pm on 6.Mar.2010

I used to live in Munich back in 2004 and I loved going to this restaurant, I tried to do so everytime I got visit and every single person who came was delighted with its food. Normally none of them knew about ethiopian food and they stil loved it.

Posted by: "Bauhaus04" at 10:56 am on 15.Apr.2010

After having tried the branch on Siegesstr. about 9 months ago and the Belgradstr. one yesterday, I would say that the branch on Belgradstr. definitely has a better ambiance. The food and service was equally good at both places, and everyone was very happy with their meal both times.

Posted by: dancarina at 1:55 pm on 24.Jun.2010

Went to the Belgradst. one with two friends last night and thought the whole experience was pretty decent. Eating without cutlery took a little getting used to but ended up being fun. I tried the Tetch, honey wine, which was not so great but had quite a nice aftertaste. There was only one waiter serving the whole restaurant, and he did a pretty good job, considering the place was full. His english was not bad either. I had the lamb strips with pieces of tomatoe and s spicy sauce - it tasted great. The crowd was young and well dressed. I felt like a bit of a bum because I was wearing the fleece I bought from Lidl. When I go again I'll schick myself up a bit for the occasion.

Posted by: Kyle1860 at 11:32 am on 10.Jan.2011

We went with a total of five people, and we all enjoyed it - even the ones who don't like spicy food. One tip: get the honey wine in the regular glass, as the special flask has too narrow of a neck to appreciate any of the aroma.

Posted by: Himmel at 1:27 pm on 30.Jan.2011

Went to the Siegestrasse location. Food was delicious!! Perfectly spiced, great portions for the $$ and service was decent. The honey wine packed quite a punch, although it too was delicious. Will be going again soon! Highly recommended!

Posted by: SnnyDsp at 9:03 am on 14.May.2011

We went to the Belgradstr. one and ordered the mixed plate for 4 people - basically because we had no idea what to order, so this was the easy but adventurous option. The food was delicious, the service was friendly and I would definitely go back.

Posted by: LaiLou at 7:25 pm on 28.May.2011

This was by far the best Ethiopian food I have ever tasted. My husband and I had the combination plate for 2 and it was filling and fantastic. While I do not find Ethiopian food spicy per se it is very well seasoned. The only thing I would suggest for improvement is the offering of a warm towel to wipe my hands that I have encountered at other such restaurants. We will be back frequently!

Posted by: baby2hep at 8:41 am on 17.Aug.2011

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Munich if not my favorite. The food is top quality ethiopian and I frequently go here for dinner. If it is your first time I reccomend ordering the combo plate as it gives a nice variety of flavors. Once you try it you will be back again and again.

Posted by: "babydawg" at 9:22 pm on 17.Aug.2011

Great night out @Belgradstr, went for my Birthday with some friends, drank far too much Honey wine... :-D Food was nice, must try the lamb next time, service was ok but the place was packed.

Posted by: chumbawumba at 9:31 am on 15.Sep.2011

Great service and great Food . I Love it there.

Posted by: "Lt" at 12:55 pm on 9.Aug.2012

I've gone to Blue Nile for years. Last night was the last time for a LONG while. They gave away our reservation when we were 9 minutes late. Finally we got seated after 20min, waited forever for anything to come (including 1.5h for the main course!), and to top it off there was extremely loud music. I love live music, and the ethnic Ethiopian music was OK. But as we looked around the restaurant, NO ONE could talk - they were all just staring around and frowning. The amplified acoustic instruments in a narrow concrete-and-wood space just reverberated and made our ears ring. The waiter and manager were really rude the whole time and clearly the kitchen was not in order that night. Really spoiled my Blue Nile image :-/

Posted by: "Dave" at 12:48 pm on 12.May.2013

Been here many times. If you come with a large group, expect a VERY LONG wait. That said, the food and atmosphere are awesome. Service isn't unfriendly, just really slow for bigger groups. If it's less than 4 people (in my experience) you should be fine though. And try the honey wine!

Posted by: bugbug at 1:16 pm on 20.Jul.2013
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