The February 2004 edition of Go München publishes a list of what they consider to be the 25 best bars in Munich. Here's that list. It is roughly in order with the best bar listed first. No surprise that Schumann's comes top - even though it's so pretentious as to be inaccessable to 95% of the population of Munich.

Schumann's, Nektar, Serafin, Cortiina Bar, Falks Bar, Bar Muenchen, Reizbar, Barysphär, Tabacco, Club Morizz, L-Bar, Anna Bar, Negroni, Bar Centrale, Pusser's, Cohibar City, Trader Vic's, Barista, Nage & Sauge, Havana Club, Maria Passagne, Hit the Sky, Master's Home, Green Room, Harpers and Queens

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