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Barschwein - Munich

Barschwein have two branches in Munich, both of them in Schwabing. The first is at Franzstr. 3, close to Münchner Freiheit. The second is at Tengstraße 20, close to Theresienstraße.

The best thing about these bars is the prices. A helles for just €2. Ok, so it's only 0.4l. But the full 0.5l Weissbier is only €2.20. A 0.2l Pils or Grolsch is e1.

Barschwein Munich

The decor inside is simple and, as you might expect for such prices, the bar is always busy.

Good selection of DJ's too. They were playing dancy modern pop when I was there (Kylie, that kind of thing).

Franzstr. 3
U-Bahn U3 or U6 to Münchner Freiheit

Tengstrasse 20
U-Bahn U2 to Theresienstrasse

Both in Munich Schwabing
Websites: Barschwein
Barschwein Essen

Review by: "Anonymous" on 4.May.2005   (edit this review)


Grolsch? I didn't see any Grolsch. Perhaps you mean Kölsch?

Posted by: "Fozzie Bear" at 8:06 am on 6.May.2005

yes, they have Kölsch (to avoid misunderstandings: the beer from Köln, to be drunk in small 0,2 cl. glasses. this place is a real enrichment for Schwabing, nevertheless the cheap prices attract a really mixed clientele (=people who want to get drunk without spending too much) and an overweight of males. anyway, the music is loud, corny and popular, the crew - notwithstanding the crowd and the correspondent stress - friendly, so you can have a good time here, specially if you go with friends to spend a couple of wild hours.

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 7:10 am on 6.Sep.2005

Went here last night but the place is now a gutted, shell, gone, goodbye. :-( A quick check of the website says they are moving round the corner to the old "house of 111beers".

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 8:04 pm on 20.Jan.2007
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