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Bar Tapas - Munich

Bar Tapas - Amalienstr. 97, 80799 Munich, Germany

The tapas bar where it all started. This one is the original bar. The second, much larger bar called Teatro opened in Haidhausen later. It may be smaller but the Caipirinhas taste just as good.


ThereÂ’s a flirty ambience here, which is great if you are looking for a laugh and some casual companionship. The tall tables they have are just perfect for talking to the gorgeous, talented human beside you. The concept of having large tables which mixed groups are forced to share is excellent and should be repeated more often in my view.

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich

Amalienstrasse 97, Schwabing
U3/6 Universität
Tel. 089 390919

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Same company as El Teatro in Haidhausen, but smaller and without the projections on the walls. The food is as excellent as El Teatro with a slightly smaller selection of tapas. If you are looking for atmosphere, I'd opt for Teatro. If you want to be able to talk to everyone at a table (more than four), go to Bar Tapas or better yet...Bodega Dali.

Posted by: "Bee" at 3:57 pm on 21.Dec.2003

I had a lot of fun at this place with some out-of-town guests. We ordered pitchers of sangria and had a great time trying all the different tapas. Service was friendly.

Posted by: "Al" at 7:25 pm on 24.Feb.2004

Was there last night and had a great evening - very friendly staff - lots of cava - really good tapas. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Posted by: "Alice" at 9:42 am on 5.Aug.2005

hi everyone i m french i live in ireland , i use to live in munich and i woorked in the tapas bar and in the theatro , by the way it s not "el" teatro but only "teatro". the food is exelant and the beer to... prost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: "totoche" at 11:55 pm on 11.Dec.2005

mmmm! this is one of my fave places to go on Friday nights! there's a great atmosphere there and the food is great, I've been there so often and never had bad food...try the chorizo it's the best! fab sangria too!

Posted by: Moonboot at 11:58 am on 12.Dec.2005

went here on friday, with my sister visiting from Scotland. great atmosphere, great food, and great service. And not too expensive. Def. would reccommend it.

Posted by: "glasgow girl" at 2:52 pm on 14.Dec.2005

Went here a few weeks back, very busy, very lively, excellent friendly, informal atmosphere and great food, and I thought a good price. I would recommend it, but that would only make it busier and harder to get a table or place at the bar! Don't go, except on nights when I'm not going to be there......seriously though, go!

Posted by: "Yorkie" at 10:23 am on 30.Dec.2005

a crowd of us went here last night, we've not been in a while and have to say the food is still great! each tapas portion costs €3,80 with free bread, it's very reasonable. the service was a little shakey, think the waitress was new. would recommend reserving a table as even last night (a wednesday) it was pretty packed.

Posted by: Moonboot at 8:14 am on 8.Nov.2007

Was there tonight with some friends. Service was good, the place was packed, and I know why, the food was great. We all had different things, and I don't think there was one complaint from our table. Will definately go back there.

Posted by: Carm at 10:22 pm on 24.Jan.2008

consistently yummy, consistently packed. The food tastes even better now without smoke.

Posted by: kwenga at 9:26 am on 31.Jan.2008

Went to Bar Tapas last night and it was great. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was lively and festive with Spanish music in the background. They had about 18 dishes to chose from. We had seven between the two of us which was too much so we sort of rolled our way out of the place at the end of the evening. Would recommend it to anyone!

Posted by: HarrisTelemocker at 11:50 am on 12.Mar.2009

The atmosphere is buzzy and i really enjoyed my meal. Also it is not too expensive and the staff are friendly.

Posted by: "Keith" at 12:45 pm on 13.Jan.2010

Nice midsize restaurant. Outside sitting is possible in summer. Prices are average, food and Red House-Wine is o.k. Gets full/loud at 9 pm but is still o.k. to make a conversation.

Posted by: siskebap at 9:16 am on 22.Jul.2011
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