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Augustiner Keller - Arnulfstrasse - Munich

The Augustiner Keller has a beer hall (indoors) as well as a beer garden. In fact, it's the second largest beer garden in Munich with a capacity for 8,000 guests.


Arnulfstr. 52, City Center
S-Bahn Hackerbrücke
Tel. 089 594393
Website: www.augustinerkeller.de

Review by: "Anonymous" on 9.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Beer gardens are opening! Augustiner was open today. One of my favourite Munich beer gardens - not too many tourists, nice shady atmosphere - and great beer and food.

Posted by: pootle at 1:09 am on 17.Mar.2004

Yeah this biergarten is really good and easy to get to by MVV. Gets really busy just after knock-off time in the summer as there are so many office monkeys in the area, like me, who head out with colleague for a Mass or 3. Don't bother going into the building itself, Ugh - one of the worst "Gross Gastätten" I've had the bad luck to visit.

Posted by: grtho at 10:05 am on 18.Mar.2004

Oh I like the Keller, the downstairs part was done out last year and it is really lovely, probably the only Bierkeller that you could take a date to (soft lighting included). I'm not so keen on the ground floor though. Was quite busy in there last night.

Posted by: Katrina at 10:11 am on 18.Mar.2004

*Don't touch the ketchup!* I was in the Biergarten yesterday with friends. I was paying for three people and the 3rd person in my party was deciding if he wanted mustard or ketchup. He picked up those teeny packs they have next to the cashier and then put them immediately back down after deciding nah, he didn't want them. The lady insisted on charging us for them even though my friend did not even put them on his tray. Hey, 4 packets only cost 60 cents and I didn't want to create a scene. I was just amazed at her rudeness and unwillingness to take it off the bill. She had previously asked us to hurry up and decide what we wanted (I was trying to translate/explain what they had- Knödel, Haxe etc...) and now this! Awful service. Welcome to Germany.

Posted by: "nya" at 12:07 pm on 21.Sep.2004

Was here five times in our one week visit to Germany. Sat with great locals and had great food. The rosted chicken was like nothing I've ever had in the states! I would recommend this place to anyone!

Posted by: "Elizabeth" at 5:20 pm on 28.Jun.2005

We were here on 13th August, passing through on our way to Kirchberg In Tirol. We used to live in Munchen (10 years ago), so it was easy to find the biergarten (although I'll concede it was more by accident than design). Sadly, being their at about noon, the food was limited (no ribs! :<), but the beer was great and it only took a few minutes to be talking about ways to go back and live in Munich again... Great start to our holiday, too.

Posted by: "The Saxbys" at 9:32 am on 12.Sep.2005

mmmmm - last post SHOULD have read. Sadly, being there at about noon, the food was limited (no ribs! :( ), but the beer was great and it was only a few minutes before we discussing ways of going back to live in Munich... Schuss!

Posted by: "The Saxbys" at 11:27 am on 12.Sep.2005

The foods only OK, no music and generally pretty crowded. But the beer is most definately the best. Edlestoff direct from wooden barrels with no pipes or CO2 in sight, just wonderful.

Posted by: "jc" at 2:28 pm on 20.Sep.2005

Mostly the masses of beer they serve are slightly short measures but not enough to get people cross. Edelstoff out of the barrel should be good but the quality has taken a nosedive recently. I hope it will improve when the 2005 Oktoberfest is over. Food is quite expensive. Very attractive beer garden.

Posted by: "Roland" at 11:36 am on 27.Sep.2005

Can thoroughly recommend it. Had been there before... joined a TRAVEL AGENTS GROUP STAMMTISCH.

Posted by: "Paul von Munich" at 5:40 am on 22.May.2006

Augustiner is the most delicious beer ..eva. The Helles is the best in Munich!

Posted by: vango at 12:42 pm on 20.Apr.2007

We often spend time at this Bier Garten even while Wiesn is open. It offers a more quiet place to be for awhile, and still have the great biers of the Augustiner.

Posted by: "L Hancock" at 1:59 pm on 2.Aug.2007

Was there last night for my sisters 30th birthday,evening started of well until we where moved and got the rudest most bombastic waitress. The Service is up t o S***.... and the food and beer is OK

Posted by: "Barbara" at 10:31 am on 29.Oct.2008

we took some out of town friends here on saturday night. the food wasn't bad, nothing spectacular. the beer was of course excellent, and the waitress we had was very attentive. I prefer the beergarden in the summer though!

Posted by: Moonboot at 3:18 pm on 30.Oct.2008

Finding - what happened to the method used on Friday evening when Gwynn and Ian hoist up a flag? Works fine for me. Saves an awful lot of useless blogging.

Posted by: petersen at 3:54 pm on 6.Oct.2009

expect a short poor if you are a foreigner. The bartenders are miserable people to deal with. my liter beer contained half beer, half foam.

Posted by: "Eric" at 8:54 am on 6.Nov.2009

Have been to this beer garden many times when we first visited Munich in 2008, our first experience was great, the waiter was very helpful and very tentative, beer great. Our second experience was bad, the service was very poor, the waiter very rude and to top our night, out of the 4 of us 2 ordered the roast chicken from the self service area and both had the worst food posioning - up all night, coming from both ends. Will not go back.

Posted by: "Faye" at 6:13 pm on 14.Jul.2010

Actually the Keller itself is quite nice. I've been there many times and enjoyed both for food and for beer. The ground floor restaurant is really just so so in my opinion. The Biergarten is nice as well although still a little touristy, especially around Oktoberfest time.

Posted by: Kodiak at 6:35 pm on 25.Jul.2010

spent a wonderful evening in the beer garden, but like some of the other people have commented, we had a very rude waitress. The beer and food and atmosphere made up for it. I get a little confused about the sort of derisive treatment tourists get when after all we are putting lots of money into the economy.

Posted by: "tourist" at 7:52 pm on 28.Aug.2010

Founded in the 14th century, the Augustiner Monastery has been brewing beer for over six centuries! Theirs is still the best of the seven Muenchen breweries. The outdoor Garten in summer is phantastisch! Don't sit up front; the service there sucks; go to the rear area where the food is caf style and the seating is picnic tables. Sit with strangers, get your beer, go through the food line and get some wonderful stuff: Leberkaes, Obatzda, Krautsalat, Fleischpflanzl, Schweinshaxen, Wurstsalat, Pressack, Gurken, Kartoffelsalat! Or try the smoked fish to the left of the caf line. Mmm! Get off the tram line at the third stop after the Hauptbahnhof (Hackerbruecke). It's a shorter walk to the rear entrance to the Garten. Don't forget to get a warm Brezen at the end of the food line! You will have to pay a minuscule price for any ketchup or mustard at the register. Salt and pepper are free. We've been going here for years and love it!

Posted by: "colleen ingalzo" at 10:40 am on 4.Sep.2011
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