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Augustiner am Dom - Munich

Augustiner am Dom - Frauenplatz 8, 80331 Munich, Germany

A great little Augustiner public house located immediately next to Munich's cathederal - the Frauenkirche. Upstairs is particularly cosy and there are great window tables with a view out over the Frauenplatz below.

Augustiner am Dom - Munich

Augustiner am Dom

This place definitely goes in the list of TT-recommended drinking spots. It's a good local alternative to Kilians.

Augustiner am Dom
Frauenplatz 8, City Center
U/S-Bahn Marienplatz

Review by: "Anonymous" on 3.Jan.2004   (edit this review)


Great place. Sit in the upstairs window facing onto Frauenplatz, drinking an Edelstoff fresh from the wooden barrel, and watch all the muppets going to the overpriced hole that is Killian's/Ned's.

Posted by: "Sgt. Robson" at 1:29 pm on 6.Feb.2004

This is my favourite bar (at the time of writing). The main attraction for me is the Helles from the wooden barrel. Very rarely (at the time of writing), it is Edelstoff from the wooden barrel as well. Basic bavarian fare. I usually have the bierbratl. On the down side, service is sometimes slow when they are packed and sometimes the glasses are not very clean.

Posted by: "Roland" at 2:08 pm on 30.Nov.2004

Now they seem intent on committing commercial suicide by closing on Sundays. The place must have cost them millions to build and fit out, it is a central location popular with tourists and yet they close on Sundays. The notice instructs you to try next door (which they also own).

Posted by: "Roland" at 9:04 am on 26.Jan.2005

I like this place I usually drink Weissbiers here and have tried a selection of their dishes, which most of the time have been very satisfactory. Price hike of 5-10% recently has been a shock to the system. Service sometimes slow, but apologies for the blatant sexism, some of the waitresses are sure pretty.

Posted by: "Peter" at 12:01 pm on 10.Feb.2005

I don't know if it is because of increased demands over the Oktoberfest but the beer quality has taken a nose-dive. Both the Hell beer out of the barrel here and the Edelstoff out of the barrel at the Augustiner Keller biergarten seems thin and watery.

Posted by: "Roland" at 8:45 am on 26.Sep.2005

The Helles from the barrel was back to its best when I went there last Sunday afternoon.

Posted by: "Roland" at 12:32 pm on 19.Oct.2005

Looks like they read my comments about their place next door serving only 5/6th beer measures for Helles from the barrel to heart. Now they do the same here. And they use the same glasses from next door with the two domes on it which lack the half litre mark. And said beer has not been up to scratch a few time when I have tried it, having a dry alum taste. The Edelstoff never recovered from the Oktoberfest this year. I don't drink it any more whether it be from a pub or from the bottle. Menu is still very limited. I sometimes go there, try one beer from the barrel, and then end up moving on to the Andechs Am Dom which rarely disappoints (if you can get a seat).

Posted by: "Roland" at 4:30 pm on 19.Dec.2005

best regards to lola, you're great! and the dark wheat-beer is great too!

Posted by: "Hellei" at 9:42 pm on 18.Jan.2006

The Augustiner am Dom is closed for renovations, according to a sign on the door last night. It didn't say when they would re-open.

Posted by: "Sunday Drinker" at 8:30 am on 20.Feb.2006

They are now re-opened, I think under new management. The table layout has been changed on bot floors and the decor is much nicer than before.

Posted by: "Sunday Drinker" at 11:46 am on 29.Apr.2006

There is a slight improvement on what they had before. The kitchen is now in the basement so they seem to be doing a better job on food. There is a lot of walking up and down those dangerous steps by the staff holding trays and so unable to see their feet. There will be an accident soon. The glasses are a lot cleaner and they are not washing them by hand any more and so the beer tastes better in them. On the downside, they put on only a limited amount of beer from the wood. Usually a barrel is put on at 7pm and if it runs out they usually don't put on a new one unless it runs out before 8pm. They now have a sharp-eyed lady in the basement to accept donations from users of the toilets.

Posted by: "Roland" at 6:02 am on 7.May.2006

In my opinion not so much a bar, rather a traditional Bavarian restaurant in the center of Munich. Right next to the Frauenkirche. This is not your gigantic noisy beer hall. The restaurant rather has 3 floors with cozy rooms one each floor. During summer are lots of tables in front of the restaurant: There is also a beer garden in the atrium. The excellent food served goes beyond traditional Bavarian fare. A variety of fresh salads, international cuisine and fish are also on the menu. There are also daily changing lunch specials. The restaurant staff is always very friendly and fast.

Posted by: z-man99 at 4:52 pm on 2.May.2008

Dont like this place at all. Food is quite expensive for what it is. I got the dish with the 3 meats, 16e or more I think. From the time of ordering, it took exactly 5 minutes for it to be served. Felt like it was quickly dished up carvery sunday dinner muck. Would'nt go back in a hurry

Posted by: "Anon" at 11:18 am on 22.Aug.2010
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