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Alter Simpl - Munich

Alter Simpl - Türkenstr. 57, 80799 Munich, Germany

The name and bulldog logo of this famous bar hark back to the magazine Simplissimus, which was a political/satirical rag that was banned by the Nazis for being critical of the National Socialist regime and ideology. ThatÂ’s probably why Alter Simpl has a reputation for being a hub of creativity, the place where authors and artists and radical beardy intellectuals hang out. Well, they might have in the 1920Â’s and 1930Â’s, but today youÂ’re more likely to see a young-ish crowd that could be anything from students to psychiatrists, given the selection IÂ’ve met here.

ItÂ’s still a pretty stylish place though, and the food is worth a stop, even if they don't do breakfasts. The walls are stained from years of smoking - either that or itÂ’s black paint, you decide. Gets busy late.

Review © 2001 Christopher Larmour & Damien Fournier, Groovy Munich


Alter Simpl
Türkenstrasse 57, Schwabing
U3/6 Universitat
Tel. 089 2723083
Website: Alter Simpl

Review by: "Anonymous" on 1.Nov.2003   (edit this review)


Just found this yahoo review of Alter Simpl. This pub dates back to 1905 and was named after the satirical magazine Simplicissimus. It used to be a favoured meeting point for writers, painters, musicians and singers, and is still popular with a wide range of Bohemian types. Alter Simpl is pleasant, lively and atmospheric; the service is friendly and the food (Bavarian and Italian) good. Ringelnatz, the legendary local poet, no longer reads here, but it is still one of the best and most rustic bars in Maxvorstadt.

Posted by: bubblylady at 2:05 pm on 5.May.2004

This is a very old bar in Munich with a lot of history behind it. The name comes from a socialist student magazine which was called Simplissimus. Monday to Thursday they are open until 3am and then at the weekends it open till 4am so a good place to go when other options run out. Apparently it got shut down many years ago because the owner also happened to run a brothel. Then it was shut down by Mr. Hitler because it was a favourite hangout of students, artists and gays. But it has survived. The interior is fairly standard for a lot of old bars in Munich. Dark timber & lots of tables. The bar area is down the very back of the pub and if you're looking for any sort of atmosphere or interaction then this is where to head. My only real gripe against the place is that the music is usually too loud and is mostly dance-type stuff which, in my humble opinion, just doesn't suit the place. It is not one of my favourite night-spots but it is a reliable fall-back when you can't think of anywhere else and it's getting late.

Posted by: "MN" at 8:27 pm on 7.May.2004

Having the gno night was, i guess, quite a challenge for them. In the beginning they hadn't enough seats, although the booking was made. But they were very friendly and helpful, and got us another table although we had already taken nearly all the seats. We didn't have to wait very long for the food and they managed to serve us all at the same time! Good job. Good food, big portions for good prices! The poor waitress tried to give her best. And I guess it was one of the busiest night she had there. They fulfilled, as far as I know, all the wishes we asked of them. And I guess it is not that easy to please a bunch of girls. ;) They gave a round of Jägermeister on the house to all the girls! Thank you Alter Simpl.

Posted by: bubblylady at 8:16 am on 17.May.2004

just been back here - love this place - smokey and chilled and lots of beer.

Posted by: "turtle" at 12:34 pm on 15.Aug.2006

If you want to experience typical german waitresses, who show you their bad mood and are always complaining about split bills, you have to visit the Alter Simpl. Maybe it was better 100 years before and hopefully will be nicer in the next 100 years. The atmosphere is very, well let's say: unhealthy. Germans are still allowed to smoke A LOT in the restaurants, you don't eat food, you eat smoke! And it is also quite expensive. If you have a date, who is boring, go there, you won't be able to understand what she/he is talking about, because it is sooo loud. It is really sad, that such a promising restaurant with a lot of history has such bad service, starting with the chef to EACH waitress. So try something else instead to spend your Euro on a visit in Munich! There are so many other nice restaurants in this wonderful city!

Posted by: "Mae" at 11:10 pm on 19.Jan.2007

@Mae: Alter Simpl is a so called Wirtshaus... not a restaurant. A Wirtshaus sells simple food, provides beer and people go there to talk, which makes it quite loud. Oh, and smoke belongs to a Wirtshaus, it's not McDonalds.

Posted by: "HelterSkelter" at 1:49 pm on 20.Jan.2007

Since I was born in Munich and since I am a German, I should know about the difference between a Wirtshaus, a restaurant and McDonalds. But I can asure you, that the service is worse than McDonalds. And it's very noisy because of the music. Also you can drink better and cheaper beer in the Hofbrauehaus, the atmosphere there is much better as the service...

Posted by: "Mae" at 4:26 pm on 21.Jan.2007

Yeah, the service is not particularly friendly and the beer is just as good elsewhere, but for atmosphere & history this place can't be beat. We always take out-of-town visitors here at least once, and they always seem to get a kick out of the whole thing. And then we don't feel obligated to accompany them to the hofbrauehaus...

Posted by: "Nadia" at 1:53 am on 21.Feb.2007

Well, I went there a few times with friends from England and Australia, and they complained afterwards a lot about the bad service. If you go there during the week, it is okay, because it\'s not so full and the waitresses can manage that. But on weekends: terrible!!

Posted by: "Harald" at 8:40 am on 9.Apr.2007

I love the place for its atmosphere and the kitchen conveniently open until 3 or 4 AM. the service at weekends can be indeed slow, but late night, esp. after midnight, it's my favourite place to kill my "drunk munchies"

Posted by: Leon747 at 11:26 am on 4.Oct.2013
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