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Alte Galerie - Munich

Alte Galerie - Kaulbachstr. 75, 80802 Munich, Germany

A groovy little bar/nightclub hidden away between Leopoldstrasse and the English Gardens. A relaxed place, no door policy, no pretention, all kinds of music played.

Alte Galerie - Munich

Alte Galerie
Kaulbachstr. 75, Schwabing
U3/6 Giselastrasse
Tel. 089 349887
Open Wednesday to Saturday
Website: Alte Galerie

Review by: "Anonymous" on 11.Dec.2003   (edit this review)


Oh my God, I like, totally dug the place last Saturday - it was bitchin'. In fact it was tubular. It was Non, Non Non, Grody.

Posted by: "SparkaHck" at 10:02 am on 11.Feb.2004
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