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8 Seasons - Munich

8 Seasons
Maximilianstrasse 2, City Center
U/S-Bahn Marienplatz
Tel: 089 24294444
Opening times: Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat - 22hrs - Late
Website: 8 Seasons

8 Seasons - Munich

Review by: "Anonymous" on 9.Mar.2004   (edit this review)


All the propaganda and hoopla surrounding this new opening claims that any guest who cares to show up will be granted entrance. Yeah right! The opening bash is a week tonight - Thursday 1st April. Anyone who turns up uninivited will be the April fool. I wonder how long before we get a TT insider's view of this club? I'll never be the one to write an informed report, that's for certain.

Posted by: "Joe Schmoe" at 11:15 pm on 24.Mar.2004

Random factoid: I read that Shoya have been contracted to do the food here. They'll be providing sushi and noodle soups.

Posted by: "Andy" at 7:39 am on 25.Mar.2004

Was here last night. Pretty posh but ever so slightly Chicky Micky. A bit like P1 used to be before the doormen got carried away and Edith from Erding started coming on her once a month salary splash. Directly opposite Opera House Square on Maximillian Strasse. The selective door policy (politely) bounced a pissed up group of office night-outers but let us (2 guys) in. Inside average age 27 - jeans and jackets CM uniform for boys and usual truly truly stunning girls. Nice roof terrace with a couple of bars and open air seating. Music was funky house but went mainstream at about 2am and then harder at about 4. Then I made my excuses... Munichs posh place for the summer I guess- whats suddenly happening to Maximillian Strasse?

Posted by: "Fela" at 5:52 am on 13.Apr.2004

The "IN" place to be this summer with an amazing view of the Frauenkirche. A selective crowd, nevertheless ...

Posted by: "willy" at 1:59 pm on 20.Apr.2004

Yeah, I stopped by this club on my first weekend in Munich. My impression as I saw the crowd was that it was better than any club I've ever been in NY, however, inside it's rather small and the only flashy things about it are the lights and the bartenders ;). Lemme correct myself there, not only were the bartenders there gorgeous, but I swear on my life that 95% of the girls in that club were better looking than any model or popstar I've ever seen on television. I wasn't a fan of the exclusiveness of the club. I had to borrow my friend's +2,000€ clothing to even have a shot at getting in. I saw a few futbol players there and a few famous people I guess only Germans would know. The balcony is rather nice though. I dont know whether it's just the country or this club, but every occupied couch in the place was a porno waiting to happen. On a more serious note, the drinks were somewhat expensive (10-12 Euro for a beer or small mixed drink) and the music wasn't all too good. I suppose the people around me were eyecandy enough to balance it out. In one of the side rooms is a place where you can get a bite to eat late at night. It's a more layed back, small bar room, painted red with a few stools and tables. I recommend the tomato and mozzerella sandwich. Very nicely done. The crowd is definitely 25+ even though the age requirement to get in is 21. (muahaha, im 18). Anyway, if you can bribe the bouncers or if you know the owner, this is a great spot for a bit of high-class entertainment.

Posted by: "MatchNL" at 9:21 am on 29.Jun.2004

If you want to be assured of getting in it's a good idea to let them know you're coming so just email this nice young lady: dani@8-seasons.com she'll put you on the guest list - just bring the confirmation mail with you - as this is defo not a "let anyone who shows up in" venue

Posted by: "Bond" at 11:28 am on 26.Jul.2004

8 Seasons will be in Kitzbühel on Saturday 22nd January. There's a shuttle bus leaving Muc at 9.30pm and returning in the early hours. Bus and entry costs 29 Euro. DJ's will be Gitta Saxx, Simon Wood, and Chris Montana. If you're into your clubbing this would be a brilliant night out. See the 8 Seasons websites for details and reservations.

Posted by: "Happy Clubber" at 3:47 am on 19.Jan.2005

Purleeeeeeeeeeease. this place borders on the ridiculous........the people that go here obviously don't know what clubbing is, always looks more like a work conference....... bar guys have no ingredients for cocktails. Disaster.....music can be ok,,,,,,,,,,,,but you will not mix easily with the regular crowds. My advice, bring your own friends and drink plenty before you arrive

Posted by: "Anonymous" at 12:49 pm on 23.Feb.2005

Next Wednesday (30.Mar.2005) is the 1st birthday of 8 Seasons. The first 4 seasons are over, another 4 to go. Party starts at 9pm.

Posted by: "Happy Clubber" at 5:22 am on 22.Mar.2005

I visited the 8 seasons a couple of days ago, and I'm interested to know what the building was originally used for in the 2nd world war.

Posted by: "beverley stone" at 8:10 am on 3.Jun.2005

We have played at 8 Seasons 3 times now and are travelling from France to play for you at New Year 05/06. Hope to see lots of the usual beautiful people for a big party. Nick and Chris from The Hoax.(Australia)

Posted by: "Nick Hoax" at 9:11 am on 15.Dec.2005

What a racist place - one bouncer in particular followed all around the club looking for an excuse to throw us out.

Posted by: "Ash" at 7:10 pm on 11.Jun.2007

8 seasons not really for beer guzzeling teenagers its a cocktail club

Posted by: kent at 5:21 pm on 13.Jun.2007

was inthis club till all hours few weeks back. music women and set all incredible. bit expensive and nearly didnt get in.saying that im a young looking 18 year old and was wearin t shirt jeans and trainers. bouncer just needed bit of groveling. bar maid threw my change on the counter angrilly wen i tried to pay using spare change.

Posted by: "scruffyman" at 1:51 am on 31.Jul.2008

The adress changed

Posted by: "khjjkj" at 8:32 pm on 22.Aug.2009

no good very bad ,due to management weaknesses

Posted by: "jimard" at 6:21 am on 5.Jan.2010
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