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2 posts, 01:36 hrs
Hi everyone I have paid 60 euros penalty fare with a ticket machine today, Should I do anything else? It gave me 2 receipts, But when I scanned the QR code again, I could pay the price again!!!…
2 posts, 18 September
I got an appointment a few days ago for picking up the blue card. I am not sure If we are in the same situation. Since I graduated in Germany, the student department handles my application which was…
1 posts, 17 September
Hello, It looks like with Covid we will be here for the Holidays. I am looking for recommendation for ski accommodations within a driving distance fm Munchen 1- 5 hrs. ( There are 100+ on Trip…
130 posts, 15 September
The next La Leche League meeting will be an in-person meeting and will take place on Monday, September 21st, 2020 from 12.00 noon -1.30 pm in the Familienzentrum Ramersdorf, Oedkarspitzstr. 20, 81671…
18 posts, 13 September
Many thanks for that. We have decided to delay the chutney making and ordered online from the link below. They have a good selection of British and US products on offer so I also ordered some cheese,…
7 posts, 10 September
well, simple: compare the interest rate you're paying for that personal loan (I'm guessing something around 3,8%) to the current mortgage interest rate (maybe somewhere around 1,5%) - then you have…
17 posts, 9 September
Can anyone recommend an opthamologist in Munich? I am having trouble with my eyes, ranging from sight issues which my reading glasses don't seem to be able to solve, to physical issues such as very…
6 posts, 9 September
Manuela at Loma Organic Haircare, its an Aveda salon. She's literally the best hairdresser I've ever had, far better than the one I had in London who I thought was pretty awesome. But Manuela…
1 posts, 4 September
Hello, I am looking for a housekeeper to clean, tidy, do laundry, organize and do some light grocery shopping for my family of 4. We have two small children (2 under 2), no pets and both parents work…
176 posts, 3 September
@jeba Thanks for the empathy. I will look up the Montessori system. Reading through @wien4ever post, I am fairly certain that I will have to put in as much effort as my kids put in at least initially…
2 posts, 1 September
Hi everyone. I'm just trying to get my head around the information about filing taxes in Germany. I will summarise my situation as succinctly as possible: 1) I previously worked in Germany so I…
53 posts, 31 August
Interesting, my company has Glietzeit or flexitime, so you can work up hours during a high work load period and then use them, say to take a week off after the high workload period is over, AT and…
4 posts, 31 August
Thanks @HH_Sailor Today we returned there car. The dealer gave us a signed paper saying what things we have returned and condition of car. There will be a TÜV Check and then they will come to final…
8 posts, 30 August
Hi We have a group of English speaking dads in Munich (about 6 at the moment) and we try and do play dates on the weekends. The kids are the moment are between 2-3 years old, welcome to join if…
8 posts, 26 August
I'd say a few cities have the same problems. They need more flats/houses etc but to build them either restricts space in the city or pushes people out to the edge. This in turn causes the city to…
9 posts, 25 August
Amazing place and very easy for kids. We took ours when he was 6 and he had no issues. goo.gl/maps/tmafmelbpquf... chiemsee-alpenland.de/en... It´s around 40-60min from Munich, depending…
20 posts, 25 August
I know this is a zombie thread, (ancient and undead, but somehow still alive) but if anybody is interested have a look at this: hochseilgarten-ammersee.... It´s very easy to reach with the train…
33 posts, 22 August
BTW I should have mentioned that my email is with 1und1 though not a subscription. Interesting they went to the trouble of finding my email service provider from my email which I know has been pwned…
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Expat checklist: five simple steps to help you settle in

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Nurse weeps as tells German court of her blood doping role

A nurse, one of the co-defendants in the trial of a German sports doctor accused of masterminding an international blood-doping network, described on Friday how she helped athletes dope with illicit blood transfusions.