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9 posts, 16:08 hrs
Is your husband also American and, therefore, privileged under German immigration law? Then his experience is completely useless to the OP and his wife who are Bosnian citizens and who are only…
55 posts, 15:33 hrs
I posted this article about an hour ago on the Flummoxed thread about these people who watched, laughed, and took video instead of helping this drowning man according to the article they are facing…
3 posts, 15:33 hrs
I couldn't find anything in English on their website either but I did find the relevant German help page which gives a fairly logical probable cause and relatively simple remedy. I put it through…
15 posts, 14:22 hrs
Generally speaking only costs for the modernisation of a flat qualifies for the 11% increase mentioned above. Mere renovations (= to fix something that is broken or looks used) do not qualify.
3 posts, 13:18 hrs
Hi FranReta, I offer a few HIIT classes included kickboxing, jump rope and body weight exercise. Here is the website of our gym: www.munich-pt-lounge.de location is near Hauptbahnhof,…
1 posts, 11:24 hrs
Save the date -- more details soon! ESME e.V. was founded here on Toytown in 2008 -- find out more about us here: esme-ev.de/... esme-ev.de/shows/ alway... has our next gigs, ready to add…
1 posts, 11:22 hrs
Save the date -- more details soon! ESME e.V. was founded here on Toytown in 2008 -- find out more about us here: esme-ev.de/... esme-ev.de/shows/ alway... has our next gigs, ready to add…
1 posts, 11:16 hrs
Our Resident Alien Big Band is playing as part of the Münchner Innenstadtwirte „Munich Unplugged“ event in the central courtyard of the Münchner Hofbräuhaus. This event is brand new in 2017 -- the…
1 posts, 11:12 hrs
The Resident Alien Big Band is playing the Munich Sessions Summer Fest! Add it to your digital calendars here: esme-ev.de/shows/... The whole event with lots of other bands over three days is…
1 posts, 11:11 hrs
ESME e.V. was was originally founded as the Toytown Orchestra back in 2008: now encompassing an orchestra and a choir as well as a Big Band, we welcome new members at almost any time during the…
2 posts, 10:53 hrs
Where are you moving from? Germany is very dog friendly, they are permitted in resteraunts stores ECT. Post here on Toytown for a dog walker you should have no problem finding one. I live in…
4 posts, 09:41 hrs
"This is an actual account as relayed to paramedics at a chili cook-off in New Mexico." “Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off. The original person called in sick at…
14 posts, 06:14 hrs
Hey Jess, I'm moving there next week! I could use some tips on the city and nearby areas, if you have a chance. I'm pretty new to TT also, but anyway send me a private message if you are still…
884 posts, 15:43 yesterday
Honestly, objectively, I would not call IG Metall grade 11b to be "accurate" for you but would rather call it to be "potential maximum" and, therefore, can expect to lie below IG Metall 11b.
7 posts, 13:56 yesterday
Hi everyone, My father is going to visit me for a month in October, while I will be in Munich. I am registered in Dortmund, and will send the invitation form from nearest Bürgeramt in Dortmund.
18 posts, 13:26 yesterday
Thanks everyone for joining the hike! Nice weather, dramatic waterfalls, beautiful landscape, helpful strangers (who heroically brought my forgotten walkie-talkie up to me) and a nice group: yet…
5 posts, 13:18 yesterday
THIS WEEKS LOCATION IS: On Friday we're at the sunny Seehaus beergarden in the Englisher Garten from 6pm. Walk from the cash till down the steps towards the lake. We'll have tables on your right. 2-3…
10 posts, 10:45 yesterday
Dear moms and dads, My name is Sophie, I'm 25 years old and I have 7 years experience in childcare. I am from France originally, but I speak fluent English. I've been an au pair in Ireland, a…
404 posts, 10:34 yesterday
Outdoor Theater invite I am attending an event that the Girl Gone International Meetup is organizing and thought I would post details to this group. Shakespeare's Twelfth Night 7pm Friday…
1 posts, 10:30 yesterday
Hi everybody, I have got a ticket for the Robbie Williams concert on Saturday, July 22nd.Original price 96 Euro. Let me know if you are interested. I can Email you the ticket. Kind regards, Noha
25 posts, 10:14 yesterday
Why did you come to that conclusion? If you have a licence from Israel you can use it for the first 6 months and after that you have to convert it into a German one, for which you are very lucky…
14 posts, 08:52 yesterday
English nanny for Munich top family, live-in For one of our clients we are presently seeking to fill a post in central Munich for a family with 4 children between 3-9 years of age - fully staffed…
1 posts, 06:46 yesterday
Hi, I'm moving to Munich end of August and do a fantastic British Military Fitness class regularly in the UK. I wondered if there is anything similar in the English Garten in evenings or weekends?…
46 posts, 00:09 yesterday
Dear Jigardil, Congrats for your new family member! I can suggest you the Panasonic g7. In my opinion is an extremely lightweight and powerful camera, and has also interchangeable lenses....
35 posts, 20 July
HI, Where are you planning to go on 1. July? Or are you open. I might be interested and have a car (kombi). Just re-located this thread, after spacing out for a few weeks. Jonathan
1 posts, 20 July
Very simple, selling my reservation for my Oktoberfest table at the cost I paid for it. I just ask you pay in USD at the conversion rate I purchased the table at. Wednesday September 20th noon to 4pm…
2 posts, 20 July
It started right here in July 2007, with this post: You, reasonably educated and occasionally career-minded, said "Let's fly!" when your significant other proposed this boondoggle to a faraway…
161 posts, 19 July
Friday playgroup for English-speaking parents and young kids from 10:30-12:30. All are welcome! The playgroup is located at Kidlerstraße 15 of the Himmelfahrtskirche in Sendling. Walk through the…
8 posts, 19 July
This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Sangam, Werner-Schlierf-Str 23, 81539 München. Weather permitting they have a nice area outside. sangam-online.... Nearest station…
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The Local Germany
German woman chases down masturbating Indian driver in New Delhi

German woman chases down masturbating Indian driver in New Delhi

An Indian chauffeur was arrested on Saturday after a German woman accused him of masturbating in front of her in an upscale New Delhi neighbourhood, police said.

German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq

German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq

A German 16-year-old girl suspected of joining the Islamic State (Isis) jihadists in Iraq was arrested last week in Mosul, a German judicial source said on Saturday.

EU backs Germany

EU backs Germany's tough stance on Turkey

Germany's tough stance on fraying relations with Turkey is "understandable," not least given Ankara's detention of human rights activists including German nationals, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn said in an interview published on Saturday.

Germany to take part in new talks on Ukraine conflict

Germany to take part in new talks on Ukraine conflict

The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France will hold telephone talks on Monday, officials said, amid a fresh flare up in fighting in eastern Ukraine between government troops and Russian-backed rebels.

Germany edge Italy at women

Germany edge Italy at women's Euro

Babett Peter's second-half penalty edged defending champions Germany to a 2-1 victory over 10-woman Italy at the women's Euro tournament in the Netherlands on Friday.

Prosecutors file terror charges against ‘Isis ambassador in Germany

Prosecutors file terror charges against ‘Isis ambassador in Germany'

Federal prosecutors filed charges on Friday against an Iraqi man and four associates who allegedly ran a recruiting network for the terror group Isis.