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3 posts, 14 September
Only sign up if you can supply proof you have an up-to-date negative test or fully vaccinated or recovered from Corona. 1. ex-essex (Paul) 2. Cragrat. 3.  At the moment the booking is limited…
80 posts, 12 September
I had lessons back in the early 90's in the UK and automatics were an exception, rather than the rule. If anything, the concept of an automatic gearbox over a manual is what is throwing me. I'm sure…
23 posts, 12 September
Hi. Sorry I do not regularly check on to town. I have a kid in 8th grade and has been attending the school since 1st grade. Extremely happy to go to school and normally counting the days to the end…
2 posts, 11 September
Dear all, I moved to Munich from Turkey in February under Blue Card visa and recently got my residence permit. I applied for Kindergeld and I received below requirement from the Familenkasse.
15 posts, 10 September
My card doesn't specifically say it was administered in Germany. There's a stamp from the clinic, but I imagine if I took the card to an area where the local pharmacists aren't familiar with the…
17 posts, 10 September
El Jeffo, No offense taken. I'm in the US but have a couple of rented apartments in Berlin in an "old building". I spend a month or so in Germany every year (if I can). I am very familiar with…
3 posts, 5 September
Dear all, Can you recommend a good handy man to replace a broken door lock inside the apartment? It is not an emergency since it is not the main door to the apartment and the door is already open.
16 posts, 1 September
well I just got back from my long weekend in Munich. I survived staying in a hotel near the HBF ( Paul-Heyse-Straße ). That street itself is quite but the neighbourhood in general is a dump,…
25 posts, 31 August
My wife is retiring next year and we are planning on buying a trailer (wohnwagen) to tour around Europe. It's a fanatically way to do a long term trip on a budget. the problem we've run into is where…
338 posts, 30 August
I was in the train last night when it started pouring, or rather slashing with full force huge amounts of rain with gales force winds that shook the train! It howled like in a bad movie, and rain…
13 posts, 27 August
My Mum has just been over to see the grandkids, and as she is double-jabbed doesn't need any test to enter Germany. To return to the UK, she had to have a negative PCR or antigen test to board the…
31 posts, 22 August
Fair enough. On the plus side a strong euro makes buying American stock cheaper. I tend to think that the American economy is going to be in a much better shape than what we have in the European…
207 posts, 20 August
Sorry for replying so so late, but yes, the school did have online classes using Microsoft Teams during the lockdown in December. It was challenging for my kids who were new to the country and to…
1 posts, 20 August
Hi there, I am looking for an English-speaking primar... school teacher who would be interested in tutoring my kids. My kids are bilingual but go to German school which means they are learning to…
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