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247 posts, 16 January
Thank you for the amazing tip. I went to Dr. Selmair today, and she (and her team) did a great job. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a new dentist in the Munich area. :)
52 posts, 16 January
Ok, you may have all of that, but al least one user on here, would consider you have nothing because you do not even have a Tesla Model 3 LR, which cannot do 1000km per charge.
4 posts, 14 January
this account statement is only for kleinunternehmer right? I started doing it on my own with an accounting software. (I'm not sure if its the best - it was just free for a year. lexoffice but there…
4 posts, 12 January
My neighbor is a young Japanese lady who already has taken care of children and would like to continue. She speaks Japanese and English, very little German, but she's responsible, young at heart, and…
7 posts, 12 January
Good Augustiner Beer,, Austria, Italy, and other countries just a short drive away but to mention a few... I left norniron 50 years ago, then it was not a peaceful place to live. But. I was thinking…
7 posts, 12 January
Hi everyone I'm a babysitter myself posting on behalf of the wonderful family I work for. The family has 4 kids under 5 and lives in the center of Munich. The children are bilingual in German and…
3 posts, 11 January
It hasn't happened to me but I can kind of guess what happened. There is a so called grundversorger or main provider in each area. Sure it's SWM where you live. When you end a contract with a…
3 posts, 10 January
I had my appointment for a permanent residency at the KVR in Munich in June. I was supposed to get my Aufenthaltstitel in the mail within 2-3 months. Well now it's been 6 months more or less and I…
48 posts, 8 January
Unfortunately they can be very good at it NordVPN performance for me is terrible now. My main use for it is to watch F1TV and use my subscription, but when I go through Nord at the moment…
5 posts, 5 January
What about using an online platform such as shelta.tasso.net to find a cat to adopt? I know that Tasso is the agency we registered our cat's microchip with when we moved to Germany, and this site…
30 posts, 2 January
Not exactly. I've not heard of systematic checks at the borders between states, but rather it is possible for the authorities to issue retroactive quarantine measures and restrict entry to…
71 posts, 31 December
Do not think they have to reduce the price, but they usually do because they would prefer to sell it cheap than throw it out. Still freezable (as long as fresh, not previously frozen) if you do not…
5 posts, 28 December
Well, you can put Austria to the selection too. Note there are no kangaroos in Austria. On the top of the list above I would add that pretty much every semiconductor manufacturer has a site in…
1 posts, 23 December
Hey folks, first timer here, and a first timer also on German car allowance/company car schemes. I've spent the better part of the past couple of hours trying to understand the…
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