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21 posts, 14 April
karmakoma: I've used DiT (at that time was "Auto Gott" officialy) in Ottobrunn as it may be good for you position wise. Did not buy a car, but had some service (ie. official Toyota recalls and some…
33 posts, 9 April
There were 2 ( that I knew of ) in Munich, not sure which one you would call the main one One was in the Kaufing str - yes it was underground, I think it was a shoe shop thou, just a bit further…
1 posts, 6 April
Gymboree Play & Music has been fostering creativity, confidence and friendship in children ages 0-5 for over 40 years. Today, there are over 800 locations in over 40 countries, making us the…
7 posts, 31 March
You'd probably make most money selling it for spares, but you'd end up spending ages selling the different bits, and may end up being left with an unwieldly chuck of non-moveable metal at the end.
511 posts, 19 March
@Metall That makes it sound as if we were gossiping about him behind his back. @Mik Dickinson For the record Mik, I mentioned your solution in a thread discussing whether Brits in Germany…
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'Stressful experience': How hard is it to find an English-speaking therapist in Germany?

Demand for English-speaking therapy has shot up in recent months – but with countless bureaucratic hurdles standing in the way, many internationals are finding it hard to find the help they need.

Got a drawer full of old phones and tablets? Here’s how to break the ‘tech junk’ cycle

Got a drawer full of old phones and tablets? Here’s how to break the ‘tech junk’ cycle

Dealing with old tablets, laptops, computer mice and chargers that you don’t know what to do with? You’re not alone - across Germany and Austria, hundreds of thousands of expats carry the accumulated ‘tech junk’ of the last few years with them.