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5 posts, 19:54 yesterday
Also: Travel restrictions = no incoming immigrants Brexit = no gap year knuckleheads hanging out going to beer festivals Loss of sustaining income = loss of income dependent Aufenthaltstitel…
340 posts, 12:56 yesterday
The low pressure area Ignatz is here, bringing rather chilly sunshine, racing clouds, and a storm that started at 6 am. It already blew over plants here, time to secure them or bring inside.
7 posts, 20 October
Although there were some Halloween festivities in colonial America, such as telling ghost stories and various kinds of mischief-making, it was not celebrated in many parts of the country. This…
26 posts, 20 October
Hi, we're moving out of our apartment and moving to another one. We need to paint the walls for both apartments, can anyone advise me what are the typical labor costs? We would need first the empty…
1 posts, 20 October
We are looking for people who are interested in indoor volleyball. We play every Monday from 6 pm to 8 pm in Freimann near Hornbach (U6). Please write me a private massage with mobile number. I look…
4 posts, 20 October
This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at New Delhi, Hirschbergstr 1 (corner Landeshter Allee)  80634  Münc... Nearest station: Rotkreuzplatz U1, 7 and 12 tram, 62 bus OR…
39 posts, 20 October
worldhistory.org/video/2... Watch the video baking an ancient Roman cheesecake ("placenta"), it actually works, and Max Miller's remarks on the history are great, too.
9 posts, 16 October
Does it matter for the priority if a parent is working 38,5h or 40h? Meaning will the system assign the higher priority for an available space for the parent with 40h per week?
1 posts, 15 October
Come to our english playgroup in Garching with songs, nursery rhymes, games, storytime and more. Everyone is welcome. Babies and toddlers with mummies or daddies with beginners English through to…
46 posts, 12 October
Well that went as expected. TLDR - man caught out embarrassingly tries to make the topic about someone else while saying someone goes though removed threads, while also trying to say TT is…
54 posts, 11 October
Has anyone had to get rid of their old banger recently and can suggest a company for car recycling / "Autowertung"? There are a few out there (Munich and surroundings) I found…
1 posts, 11 October
Little Montessori Pundits (LMP) is now ready to operate as a Montessori sensory garden and English speaking Parent-Child Playgroup for children 4 month to 36 months old. This group is taking place…
1 posts, 10 October
The Game of Love & Lies is a romantic comedy inspired by writings of the famous playwright Marivaux. Adultery, bad faith, cynicism and power games, the so-called 'marivaudages', form a core part…
40 posts, 8 October
I am looking to move personal effects ( books, clothing, kitchen stuff ) to the UK. If anyone has any suggestions or positive experiences using a "man with a van" it would be appreciated. Thanks.
1 posts, 5 October
Hi, we are a family of 3 with a lovely, very curious, almost 4 year old son. We are seeking a native English speaking nanny to play/ read books/ explain the world etc. as a support for early…
8 posts, 3 October
Hi, we are selling our furniture too, as we are moving out, please have a look on what we have: ebay-kleinanzeige... under my name you will find all my adverts. ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-...
1 posts, 2 October
Hi everyone, is there anyone around Munich preparing to windsurf during the Autumn & Winter? If so, it would be great to get in touch and make a group for upcoming weekends!
6 posts, 26 September
Thanks on the tips. Probably should have deleted all references to my name pre-posting! But it's pretty unlikely anyone who knows me will see it. Optimista's comment is interesting, I have…
20 posts, 23 September
Precisely! The station is a real mess at the moment with all the rebuilding but the area is safe. I was involved in a passenger survey on the trams at the Hbf. overnight through to about 6 a.m. in…
3 posts, 23 September
Hello folks - I missed the chance to buy my normal Oktoberfest Masskrug from Rastal in 2020 - despite the festival being canceled, there was an offical mug produced, albeit in smaller quantities.
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