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1 posts, 17 June
Entity Theatre is back with its summer Shakespeare! Messina, 1901. The landed gentry around Leonato and Antonio await the end of the war between Don Pedro and his vicious brother, Don John. When…
8 posts, 16 June
He could look for a tennis club and find some people there. My boss plays and even when he's just on a project in some town for a few months, he's quickly found a club and some people to play against.
17 posts, 16 June
(G) You naughty, naughty boy! I totally agree. And there may be long discussions with the staff andandand... It's too early for large gatherings in restaurants anyway imo, so all is good.
44 posts, 15 June
muenchen.de/rathaus/stad... orte.muenchen.de/1242979... ismaning.de/fluglaerm-be... poing.de/bauen-umwelt/en... Seems like there are numbers you can ring. Good luck with that. We had…
8 posts, 11 June
Based on my own recent experience, in Jan/2021... The agent asked me to open the package and check the content. In my case it was mostly clothing and he asked to declare the estimated amount (no…
5 posts, 11 June
Hello, our daughter is 2 years old. We are looking for someone who could teach you English in a playful way. A meeting once or twice a week would be ideal. We live in Munich East. 50 eur per hour.
1 posts, 9 June
Hi everyone! ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy can be quite difficult to find here in Germany. So, I wanted to share with you that ABA services (in English and German)are available in the…
2 posts, 9 June
Dear Munich Expats, Is it legal to take informal free-lance jobs as a non-EU international student in Germany? My landlord wants my help in his garten with cash payment. Thank you
2 posts, 8 June
Hi, I realise it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you’re struggling to find anybody near you I know somebody (English speaking) who coaches online. He’s very good.
13 posts, 6 June
I'm late to the party. I have a friend who works for SWM but as a Systemadmin. He likes it well enough, but the place suffers from a lot of fragmentation, shoebox solutions, and poor documentation.
23 posts, 6 June
Edit: I already read your other post, thanks! ... What worries do you have with hybrids? We were planning on buying a Corolla Touring 2.0 liter engine hybrid, but the CVT transmission is…
1 posts, 3 June
Apartment to share starting July 1. English speaking, female or gay male, Neuhausen, 1 1/2 rooms in UG exclusive plus shared LR, Kitchen, Bathroom, Hobby Room, Garden. €650 all included: NBK, WLan,…
10 posts, 29 May
Bumping this given the sun is due to make an appearance over the next week or so. German Indian is generally bland and lacking depth of flavour, imo. Goa at Isartor is/was decent, but no…
158 posts, 25 May
In this forum topic, someone mentioned that he dealt with Mathes & Fischbacher. I got in touch with Mathes. I was looking for an English-speaking tax advisor to do the tax declaration. He was…
37 posts, 25 May
Why are you unwilling to fly? I am beginning to doubt you are genuine. The great thing about flying is, if situation changes, the airline will let you know. With the train not so. I assume you have…
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Housing: How did it get so expensive to live in Munich?

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