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4 posts, 16:59 hrs
Hi Curry fans, tomorrow we have a table booked at Kerala on Prinzregentenplatz. We are now also announcing on Meetup so please sign up at: meetup.com/meetup-group-... If for whatever…
44 posts, 14:25 hrs
Considering the OP insulted people on here who didn't take his side (telling people to shut up, calling them f'n cowards and telling people they need to have a f'n backbone) I would say that he is…
7 posts, 13:32 hrs
Yeah, professional at work. At Tollwood the lady used two long thin wooden cocktail prickers??? Quite clumsy actually and slow too. I said: “Sie machen das sehr ungeschickt. Wird aber trotzdem…
66 posts, 18:40 yesterday
@Acton, forego the tinned and buy this instead. Macsween are not the best, but it is about the best one can find outside Scotland, short of a proper butchers. I've had it several times and it's quite…
6 posts, 21 November
Maybe children integrated in Germany need a chance to practice their English occasionally. I could do with a chance to practise mine😉 I love horses but they are big and strong with minds of their…
1 posts, 10 November
Hi Dinner Junkies, as I have started announcing on meetup, I booked somewhere that could take more people. However it is nearing Xmas, so all restaurants are getting busy, so maybe a bad time of…
2 posts, 10 November
Remember Friday Beergarden? Used to post on here in the good old days, before war, pandemic, Brexit? Well we are still going strong every single Friday, although not as big as in the pre-pandemic…
120 posts, 9 November
You can make your own „Einschreiben Einwurf“ stamp here: shop.deutschepost.de/sho... I hope this link works If not, just search for „internetmarke erstellen deutsche post“ you’ll…
1 posts, 9 November
You supply the ingredients in the form of suggestions, and Bake This comes up with the recipe! Stories, songs, and scenes all created on the spot! Expect the unexpected, as an entire show unfolds…
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How to enjoy a British Christmas - the way it should be

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Winter is coming: How to stay happy and healthy

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