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Laughing my head off!🙏🏻 That means I can’t join the “ women in Munich “ group, either?😂 Infamy, I tell ya!!! How am I supposed to expand my harem amongst my Zielgruppe?👍🏼
92 posts, 5 April
If you are committed to looking in the UK; you can apply to have your benefits transferred there for up to 3 months while you look there. You would have to apply for it beforehand, get it approved…
7 posts, 4 April
You are right Spider, there is no tap for the dish washer. It must be a power outlet for hob and oven. I have never seen such an installation in a newer building. Looks cheap to me.
26 posts, 3 April
Yes I've read this too in some places. It's basically an attempt at buying your vote, but I'll take it. I have to file my return for the first time, though, and then do the amnesty thing... this is…
3 posts, 26 March
As we suspected, this event must happen virtually. Watch2Gether requires no installation and works on phones too. You'll be muted and your video off when you join, so you'll have to turn them on to…
2 posts, 25 March
Regarding the registration of the vehicle you need: Data about the Owner Certificate of Registration Part II EEC type approval (certificate) Motor vehicle liability insurance-->This includes,…
1 posts, 23 March
If you're missing evenings out drinking wine during social-distancing, then... I have an alternative for you! I have been organising wine events for Italian wineries for over 15 years and since we…
7 posts, 19 March
El Jeffo, thanks for the info! Certainly I've called the office a few minutes ago and they redirected me to a English-speaking person. He said I'd need to go and open the package. If there's…
17,089 posts, 18 March
No problem. If the situation is the same, I will announce earlier next week. I have several curries in the freezer, bought from a local market and self imported from the UK.  Please let me…
45 posts, 18 March
Thanks for updating your thread! For the record, have you already given up your apartment and de-registered? Are you allowed to rent a hotel room in Munich at the moment?
3 posts, 18 March
Rugby Fixtures & Leagues web sites :- 2. Bundesliga Süd  rugbyweb.de/index.php?le... Regionalliga bayern  rugbyweb.de/in... Verbandsliga Bayern rugbyweb.de/index.php?le... Club…
2 posts, 17 March
Bavaria was the first state in Germany to declare a state of emergency and I would would highly recommend waiting a few months after things have normalised before even considering moving. Look…
12 posts, 16 March
It's always recommended to book with a removal company that specialises in the route you require rather than a generic company. This applies especially when moving between countries.
414 posts, 15 March
Morning! Since I live outside of Munich, and would actually like not to have to drive into town just to find out one price, I wonder if anybody out there can help me? I need to find out the…
1 posts, 15 March
Hello, We just moved to Freising, and wondering if there are some physical or online shops or online groups where we can sell our used furniture items? Also, what is the process and cost if we have…
3 posts, 11 March
The prices for certain services are set by law. You can find a comprehensive explanation of the fee structure on @PandaMunich's website. expertise.tax/en/cost/... You could always close…
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