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176 posts, 21 March
Cornish Gouda is the Lactobacillus's knees, very hard to get though: "The Cornish Gouda Company produces beautifully hand crafted artisan cheeses" cornishgouda.co.uk/about...
1 posts, 19 March
The ADFC (Bicycle Association of Germany) is offering cycling classes for beginners. The classes are for adults and bicycles are available for use during the sessions. If you are interested,…
1 posts, 11 March
Native speakers and bilinguals for holiday camps in/around Munich wanted. Do you like kids? Are you creative and reliable? Do you need a vacation job in Munich? Then please contact us:…
2 posts, 10 March
Hi, I was provided with a room in a Rathaus centre in Germany. Recently, they informed me that if I want to live in the apartment to have a little better room and so on, I need to find an…
2 posts, 9 March
The ESM Players proudly present JULIUS CAESAR by William Shakespeare Rome, March, 44 BC. Freshly appointed dictator of Rome for life, Julius Caesar, is warned – the Ides of March are to bring…
8 posts, 6 March
Hi. An update and request on this thread. Can anyone update on potential recomendations based on satisfaction with diagnosis and treatment from any doctors. I speak good German but an English…
14 posts, 4 March
Easy Man and Van Removals I would recommend professional moving service. We recently used Easy Man and Van Removals, but also SFingers removals are good. Just read their reviews online. Good luck!
12 posts, 2 March
After living in the UK for 10+ years and questioning whether we would like to stay here during the last three years, we really want to move. Our daughter was born in Latvia and raised in the UK.
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Maximize your US tax refund abroad

Maximize your US tax refund abroad

Let's be honest: very few people enjoy doing their tax returns. There's paperwork to sort, forms to fill and a lot of boring administrative tasks to complete. When you're an American living abroad, it can seem even more confusing as it's easy to miss important changes to the system.

Hop, skip or jump into a British Easter

Hop, skip or jump into a British Easter

Longer days, blooming flowers, newborn animals in the fields: it can only mean Easter is close! This is one of the most important times of the year for millions of families to spend quality time together – with a few delicious British treats to enjoy.