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Taj Taj - Frankfurt

Elegant Indian dining: comfortable chairs, quality table linen. Well presented good quality food, with attentive service. Good selection of vegetarian dishes too. Portions could be a little larger and ask for it 'spicy' if you enjoy anything more challenging than a korma.

Prices are a little more expensive than average for the city, although not a great deal and the dining experience more than makes up for it. Expect to pay 40 EUR for a full meal, poppadom, starter, main, nan bread and a couple of beers.

Definately not your average 'curry house' and scores a respectable 8/10 with me.

Tandoori Tajbar and grill room
Kaiserstraße 34
60329 Frankfurt

Tel. 069/ 27227981


Review by: Orable on 4.Oct.2007   (edit this review)


MMMMMMMmmmmm loved it.... the surroundings were great and they are prepared to make any curry that is not on the menu. Would definitely recommend asking for a spicy lamb madras! Think it's also the best place for naan bread to date!

Posted by: frizzyjen at 9:37 am on 4.Oct.2007

the best nan bread IMHO is Indigo.....this palce is okìsh but serve the basic all dolled up hence he prices. If you want the same char grilled et al just ask Indigo(not that Im pluggin Indigo BUT I know good indian food)

Posted by: Parasio at 8:16 pm on 9.Jan.2008

I guess it just wasnt the right day to try teh samosas there The stuffing tasted stale, unfortunately not cheap either. Ambience was great, service was excellent. parathas n naan very good. 2 of us and our 5 yr ran a bill of 112!

Posted by: "foodie" at 1:46 pm on 6.Nov.2009

What an interesting coincidence that there was another Toytown person there on the same day! As a matter of fact, I had a great lunch there with another toytown person I'd never met in person before, so there were actually three of us. We both thought the food was very good. The trick appears to be to order off of the lunch specials at the back. I had a delicious prawn dish. Two of us got out for EUR 35. If there are any food deficiencies, the ambience and service make up for it; the food's lighter and more inventive than one finds at places like Indigo, and it's much less stuffy because it's a proper high-ceiling place on the ground floor corner of a relatively new building.

Posted by: Expaticus at 11:43 am on 7.Nov.2009
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