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18 posts, 15 July
Hey Dion... I wrote Kirsten as well, but I guess the same goes for you. I am currently looking to hire people to teach English. The reason I think you should at least hear me out is because I did it…
80 posts, 15 July
Thank you all for the help and advice. It has been really useful. In the end the housing service of the University has offered us one of their apartments which comes fully furnished so for the sake…
8 posts, 12 July
The Zoll knows these tricks, but they have too few employees, so it's 50/50 chances they find out and levy the tax on real market price. In the end EU will sign free trade agreement with China,…
12 posts, 12 July
UPDATE That was some great help 2B_orNot2B! I recently emailed them and it does look like they are also taking a tougher stance and willing to take this to a third party. Now I would like to…
1 posts, 11 July
Does anyone have any recommendations on the best place to have an oil change for a Lexus? I just got a quote of €300 for my IS350, and this seems to be a bit much. I am used to dealership prices, but…
79 posts, 8 July
Hello I have a similar question, although not completely the same. My wife is looking for a Job in Frankfurt, being not German. Regarding languages, after 18 months of hard studying she got the…
1 posts, 7 July
A couple of people are talking about running a mini-con next year for tabletop games (board games, card games, RPGs)... The ticket would probably cost 10 Euro for the whole thing, with the…
6 posts, 7 July
Hello! my boyfriend has a birthday coming up and he used to be a keen horse rider back in the day. I was wondering if anyone knows of a stable in which we could take a couple of horses out for a…
11 posts, 4 July
I would try Conrad Elektro, they have a shop at the far end of the Konstablerwache square, at the corner to Kurt-Schumacher-Str. They might not have the exact same tubes, but can order to collect in…
6 posts, 4 July
You are unlikely to find any bricks and mortar store in Germany which still stocks identical lighting tubes to those you are describing because they are rated as belonging to the worst energy…
1 posts, 3 July
We are a UK family planning to move to the Darmstadt area next summer. Our children will then be 8 and 6, with basic German. We're really keen for them to learn German so we'd like them to go to a…
91 posts, 2 July
I said earlier that I had gone to a strict boarding school, and that's true, in that the rules had to be followed. But the staff were always kind. I was ten when I first went and the…
22 posts, 30 June
There was one case in Bavarian Allgäu Alps in 2015: a guy stole number plates in Ulm, attached it to his Smart, came to Bavarian Alps all the way up to 1400 m hight and then burned the Smart. Nobody…
3 posts, 28 June
Hi, sorry I took so long to reply. In the end we were very lucky and found a Kindergarten on Sandweg for our three year old, haven´t started yet, but we have a good feeling about the place. Also it…
2 posts, 26 June
I get what you are exactly talking about. Rents in Frankfurt are skyhigh for sure. There are three parameters to look at here - Time,Money and Convinience. You can accomplish only 2 of the 3…
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The Local Germany
German woman chases down masturbating Indian driver in New Delhi

German woman chases down masturbating Indian driver in New Delhi

An Indian chauffeur was arrested on Saturday after a German woman accused him of masturbating in front of her in an upscale New Delhi neighbourhood, police said.

German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq

German jihadi girl arrested in Iraq

A German 16-year-old girl suspected of joining the Islamic State (Isis) jihadists in Iraq was arrested last week in Mosul, a German judicial source said on Saturday.

EU backs Germany

EU backs Germany's tough stance on Turkey

Germany's tough stance on fraying relations with Turkey is "understandable," not least given Ankara's detention of human rights activists including German nationals, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn said in an interview published on Saturday.

Germany to take part in new talks on Ukraine conflict

Germany to take part in new talks on Ukraine conflict

The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France will hold telephone talks on Monday, officials said, amid a fresh flare up in fighting in eastern Ukraine between government troops and Russian-backed rebels.

Germany edge Italy at women

Germany edge Italy at women's Euro

Babett Peter's second-half penalty edged defending champions Germany to a 2-1 victory over 10-woman Italy at the women's Euro tournament in the Netherlands on Friday.

Prosecutors file terror charges against ‘Isis ambassador in Germany

Prosecutors file terror charges against ‘Isis ambassador in Germany'

Federal prosecutors filed charges on Friday against an Iraqi man and four associates who allegedly ran a recruiting network for the terror group Isis.