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27 posts, 14:18 hrs
I don't think its for comfort. I think it's to keep the Doctors "Sharp" (very alert) when cutting people open. Both my mind and reflexes are much better on a cold dry morning then on a warm moist…
3 posts, 23 June
Hey, I subscribed a driving school and it speaks German, the officer said the teacher can teach me in English. so I subscribed the school with five other buddies. wish me good luck
24 posts, 20 June
This is really high. We are a family of 4, we cook at home all the time, there is a NAS 24/7, TVs and notebooks for everyone, the wife and daughter bake around twice a week, and we have a pool with a…
1 posts, 13 June
Hi! I am an American dancer and mother working temporarily at the Stadtstheatre in Darmstadt. I have a nine month old baby and am looking for a babysitter to watch him for two days, next Fri and…
3 posts, 11 June
Hey All Does anyone knows of a German plumber who can speak some English. He doesn't have to be German of course, but preferably someone who understands commercial plumbing/coffee shop. And best if…
4 posts, 8 June
Hi, yes sure, Khan Academy seems to have very good content. I have already looked there. I think, in some ways, online learning is a kind of passive way of studying for me. What I would like is that…
23 posts, 8 June
Thanks for the link. They do say you must return the bottle. As of 1st April 2010 Halfords are required to provide a duty of ensuring air conditioning canisters can be recycled and refilled in an…
1 posts, 4 June
Hi, we are moving to Germany and thinking about King's College The British School of Frankfurt. We have friends that have attended King's College schools in Spain and are very happy. Does anyone have…
33 posts, 1 June
There could be 2 reasons for the landlord's refusal: He's practicing tax evasion (that's the most likely reason) In this scenario, the landlord doesn't declare his rental profit from the…
11 posts, 29 May
I've never heard of such a school. "Bilingual" in Germany apparently applies to the teaching staff, not to the school. You will find a lot of "bilingual" schools but the level of English is...
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Photo of the Day: The naked moped rider stopped by German police

Photo of the Day: The naked moped rider stopped by German police

One way to deal with the heat is to strip off. But a moped rider in the state of Brandenburg has taken it to the next level.

Neo-Nazi suspect

Neo-Nazi suspect 'admits' to pro-migrant politician murder

The key suspect in the killing of a pro-migrant politician has admitted to the gun murder, Germany's interior minister said Wednesday after a special parliamentary commission hearing.

'BlaBlaBus': Fresh competition for Flixbus takes to the road in Germany

FlixBus has long been king of the budget long-distance bus company market in Germany. But that could be about to change.

38 injured by high levels of chlorine at Hesse swimming pool

38 injured by high levels of chlorine at Hesse swimming pool

A total of 38 swimmers – many of them children – suffered injuries due to an increased chlorine concentration at a swimming pool in Hesse, north of Frankfurt.

German word of the day: Digga

German word of the day: Digga

This popular slang salutation has its origins in one German film.

'Durchzug is not harmful!': Red Cross tells Germans to leave their fans on and windows open

The German Red Cross has created a stir after posting some heatwave advice on Twitter. Here's why.