Canceled again. Virtual Curry Night Wednesday June 3, 7.30 pm CEST - Your place ;-)

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Virtual Curry Night Wednesday June 3, 7.30 pm CEST


This Wednesday, we will meet online for a Virtual Curry Night.

We intend to order Indian takeout, or cook our own, or simply have dinner&drinks.


The important part is to enjoy whatever you have while chatting in a video conference.

It would be really nice to see the usual curry fans again

and meet new people from all over the world, too!


How to join:


- Sign up here as usual until Wednesday 3 pm latest. I'll send the URL (internet address you have to feed to the internet browser used) asap.

  (Why earlier? That gives everyone (including me) more time to prepare dinner or order take-out. Or plan the evening differently if nobody else intends to show up...)

- Make sure you have Chrome or Chromium (PC or Smartphone) available.

    (Firefox doesn't work properly for this - again.)

    (Maybe your specific browser works, too - but we do know for sure with Chrome and Chromium.)

- Wednesday any time after 7.15 pm, enter the URL in Chrome or Chromium.


We will use Big Blue Button again.
Make sure your camera and microphone are on. There will be a chatroom (text) available to the left -  if you have issues, you'll get help there.


You're in!

See you on Wednesday night!


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