What are you cooking today?

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10 minutes ago, Alexnf said:



Ask for graviera (γραβιέρα), it is very similar !


We did!❤️❤️

Our favourite Greek cheese! Maria sorted it out for our saganaki today!  We have found a great place at Pacheia Ammos ( close to our village ). 

And we found a tree on the beach we can hide under with the dogs when it is hot! Hot today!😂


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On 6/9/2022, 10:03:49, Techsmex said:

Got a hankerin for some fresh caught fried catfish.  I prefer to fry in peanut oil.  make sure you squeeze some lemon juice over the top before imbibing..


and don't forget a salad  and some side veggies, you health nuts!


There's lemon. Nuff said.

Some French fries maybe? 😎


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