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I am looking for someone to help with a small wallpapering job.  I've tried myself but it's not looking good.  I have wallpapered successfully before so I thought I could manage but I think I need help this time.  It is only two strips on either side of a room where we had placed a temporary wall.  The wall had to be removed now that we are moving out but unfortunately it took chunks of paper with it.  Need help quickly.  Any recommendations?



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5 hours ago, sm_byrne said:

Any recommendations?


No specific recommendations but here's a few ideas


If you want to find help at a price below the normal trade craftsman level you could try to see what JobRuf (a student job agency) can do for you.

Renovierungshilfe Frankfurt - Günstig renovieren | JOBRUF


If you want to get price bid offers from folks who do these kinds of work for a living you could post an Auftrag beschreibung (Job description) on MyHammer by using their step-by-step selection and description process* until all details line up then post it and wait for bids to arrive before selecting whichever one appears best.



'Innen' > Weiter

'Wände/Decke' > Weiter

'Malen/Tapezieren' > Weiter

+ your PLZ + City >Weiter


number of walls 'Wände' (1?) and ceilings 'Decke' (0?)

empty 'Leerstehende' or whatever the other case says

size in M² of flat - height in CM of ceilings (you have to put some number in)

add brief description of job your contact details and register it as an Auftrag on MyHammer.

Auftrag beschreiben | MyHammer


You could call around the 15 Maler und Lackierer firms in Frankfurt a/Main who advertise on MyHammer. MyHammer | Handwerker mit Profil.


Or you could call a local (2-Meister) family Meisterbetrieb who appear to be very professional and do invest in training apprentices - which implies their standards are actively controlled by the craft guild. They might not be the cheapest but they'd not leave you with any insoluble landlord complaints and, who knows, for such a small job you might negotiate a good deal if you pointed out it might be a chance for their Azubis to gain some rare experience.





Please do come back and post your recommendations, based on your results, for the benefit of future readers. We'd all appreciate that.




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