Regular drinks meetup in Heidelberg or Mannheim

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It looks like more and more English speakers and/or expats (or those with English fluency) from the Rhein-Neckar triangle are turning to Toytown for some fun and entertainment. And what better way to get out of the house, meet some folks and fight off the fall/winter blues than with a regular meet-up?


I suggest every second Tuesday night, alternating between Heidelberg and Mannheim (or Ludwigshafen if anyone knows a good convenient place to go), anywhere in between or wherever in the Rhein-Neckar triangle. I'll organize the first coupla' events; thereafter, it might be cool to get some voting going on and then leave it up to whomever who made the suggestion that gets the most votes, to make a reservation. Let's hope we can get a fancy sign-up sheet and get old discussions archived.


Please note your interest here!


This can turn into a weekly event, but to get the ball rolling, I'll start with bi-weekly.


Update: See the photos from one recent meet up.


Every fortnight the old posts are moved to the Tuesday drinks discussion archive.


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