Translators' meetup · next: 26.Mar.2020 online 19:00

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Can't believe a whole month has gone by - wheredigo?


If any translators – pro, part-time or aspiring – feel like casting off the fetters binding them to their desks and emerging blinking into the real world, you’re welcome to join us at our meetups.


Dates and days are irregular but we try to meet once a month, usually somewhere relaxed with nice food and drink. We have our favourite locations but are always open to new suggestions about where to meet.


Subjects discussed are usually wide-ranging, as befits the enormous scope of stuff we translate; or sometimes we just get drunk and moan about clients. Come one, come all. Roll up, roll up.


This is also open to translators who don't have fetters, agoraphobia or workaholism, by the way. If you exist.


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See also discussion archive of previous translators' meetups.


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As we suspected, this event must happen virtually.

Watch2Gether requires no installation and works on phones too. You'll be muted and your video off when you join, so you'll have to turn them on to participate actively - click on the video icon at the bottom of the Watch2Gether screen, then hover over your avatar and click on the red microphone to turn it to green.

We all get to eat our own food and drink our own drink - and we don't have to worry about participant numbers and having enough space!


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