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European parliamentary elections

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Read any tourist guide and you'll find one of the most cliched descriptions of Munich is "the city of laptops and lederhosen". This description refers to the city's attempts to marry good old Bavarian tradition with the latest developments in technology. Now the Christian Social Union are using the slogan in their campaign for the upcoming European parliamentary elections. The European Parliament has 732 members representing the 25 member states. There are 99 MEP's for Germany. They are elected for a 5 year term. The Euro parliament and its MEP's are based in Brussels where specialist committees meet to scrutinize proposals for new EU laws. Polling day in Bavaria is Sunday 13th June 2004. If you're not yet registered to vote, I'm afraid it's too late. The deadline was 23rd May (today!).




And here's another, kind of amusing, campaign poster as spotted and photographed by Murray:




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