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Marienplatz renovation plan

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Have you ever looked at those garish orange coloured snack-food kiosks that are underneath Marienplatz and thought to yourself, "my, those are just soooo seventies"? Yes? Well, so have the Munich city council. At long last! There is no denying that those kiosks and indeed the whole of the Marienplatz subway area has been looking very dated for many years now. The area was built in 1971 and has not changed in the 32 years since. So the city council has decided it's high time for an image update. From 30th June 2004 the Marienplatz underground area will be closed and will undergo a complete rennovation.




All the kiosks will have to close for an unknown period of time while the area is completely stripped and rebuilt. The Stadtwerk München are currently seeking a private investor to finance the work. If none is found then the city will carry the cost itself. Until an investor is found no decision has been made on how the new Marienplatz subway will look. The floorplan will, however, remain approximately the same for reasons of fire safety. It'll certainly be good to see a facelift to this area. Afterall, how many thousands of people flock through this subway every day? It is the heart of the Munich U-Bahn network and a place nearly every tourist travels through many times during their visit. If Munich wants to create the impression of a modern, technological city then this renovation work is certainly a good idea.


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