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Now that would be unfair wouldn't it?


Let's just say T.ub..t.a..r


(the missing letters just may be "aenhle")


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I'm travelling next week and wanted to buy a Bahncard 50% as well 

as my ticket on the site.


No problem you'd think... They can issue a temp Bahncard immediately

and I can use it to buy my rebated ticket.


But wait... small  print needs magnifying...

As I qualify for a 50% reduction on the card itself (as I turned 60)

I can apply (actually only apply) for this specially reduced card.


But not over the net unless I can wait 12 days before using it.


To: Deutsche Bahn 

I've been a customer with a Bahncard on and off now for 10 years.

You know this.

And you're telling me now that all this time you wanted my DoB but 

never actually needed (or believed) it ?


12 days to check by age or I can go to a DB Centre and they'll give me a temp card for immediate use.

Local travel agency for tickets can't do this (as you won't let them)


Can't read my Ausweis over the net ? Or get post ID ?

Or use my history with you ??


Beamter institution dragging itself kicking and screaming from the 19th into the 20th Century.

20 yrs behind what's possible for other service industries.


Wake up !!!
















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