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Many English-speakers in Frankfurt will know the Fox and Hound English pub at Niedenaustraße 2 in the Westend.


Well, the owners are now opening a second pub, this time in Wiesbaden. It will be an Irish pub called the "James Joyce".


Address is Sonnenbergerstraße 14, on the corner of Prinzessin-Elisabeth-Straße and almost directly opposite the Wiesbaden Kurhaus/Casino.


They're planning to open this weekend, Saturday December 16th, 2006.


The website is advertised as being www.irishpub-wiesbaden.de - although that doesn't seem to have been switched on yet.


By the way, didn't Fox Pubs used to have at least one other pub in Frankfurt? I remember there being a "Fox and Fiddle" at Bleichstraße 46, as well as one more. Those seem to have closed now though, is that correct?


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Went there on Saturday night...is a really nice place but will be interesting to see how it does with it being located outside the main city centre.


I guess I would say it's aimed at a bit more of an upmarket crowd than the existing Irish Pub, especially with it being practically over the road from the Kurhaus. If they do decent food, open at lunchtime and put a couple of pool tables in there they could be onto a winner, as the other Irish Pub doesn't do any of these. Other than that it might attract a few of the US Army crowd if they are tempted away from Yours bar and Scrooges, which in my opinion are both soulless and pretty unfriendly.


Otherwise I guess location is the key and Irish Pub Wiesbaden beats James Joyce hands down on that one, plus they do a good, established trade during the week as well as the weekend which I guess is key to running a profitable bar.


Good luck to them, I hope it works out as there is probably the market for another expat type place. I just think somewhere in the pedestrian area (maybe where the Dortmunder used to be) would probably have been a better place to locate.


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