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Looks like an example of an e-mail spoofing attack. I had a similar problem myself sometime ago. A friend would reply to some odd e-mails that I was supposed to have "sent", but in actual fact I knew nothing about. The From address was certainly mine, but the e-mail wasn't. Eventually I closed the e-mail account.


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Great link, FT.



They demonstrated that adding hammy words - words that are more likely to appear in ham than spam - was effective against a naïve Bayesian filter, and enabled spam to slip through.

That image of spam slipping through will haunt me forever.


(The researchers Lowd and Meek, by the way, are in the same field of anti-spam filtering as Graham-Cumming, Stern, Mason and Shepherd, and Wittel and Wu. It's like some parallel universe of weird Jackanory meat porn.)


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This one actually did not get sent to the spam folder:



Dear beloved friend,


I know that this letter may be a very big surprise to you.


I am Mrs. Gloria Caldwell, I am from London, I am 58 years old, I am deaf and suffering from a long time cancer of the breast which also affected my brain. From all indication my condition is really deteriorating, and my doctor have courageously advised me that I may not live beyond the next two months to four months, this is because the cancer stage has reached a critical stage. I was brought up in a motherless baby's home, and was married to my late husband for twenty years without a child. My husband and I are true Christians, but quite unfortunately, he died in a fatal motor accident.


Since his death I decided not to re-marry, I sold all my inherited belongings and deposited the sum of $3.2million dollars in a bank.Presently, this money is still in their custody, and the management just wrote me as the Legitimate beneficiary to come forward to receive the money after keeping it for so long or rather issue a letter of authorization to somebody to receive it on my behalf since I can not come over as a result of my illness, or they get it confisticated. Presently, I'm with my laptop in a hospital here in Cote D'ivoire where I have been undergoing treatment. I have since lost my ability to talk and my doctors have told me that I have only a few months to live.


It is my last wish to see that this money is invested in any organization of your choice and distributed each year among the charity organization, the poor and the motherless baby's home where I come from. I want your good humanitarian, to also use this money to fund churches, orphanages and widows around. I must let you know that this was a very hard decision, but I had to take a bold step towards this issue because I have no further option. I hope you will help see my last wishes come true.As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank where this fund was deposited. I will also issue you a letter of authority which will prove that you are the new beneficiary of my funds. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein.


Hope to hear from you Soonest.


your's in Christ,

Mrs Gloria caldwell


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Well, I got a mail from the Director of the FBI. Seems to be concerned about puppy scammers, but also Fedex. However, protecting American citizens is high on his list, so that's good, isn't it?



Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to Officially inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly Investigated with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System that you are having an illegal Transaction with Impostors claiming to be Prof. Charles C. Soludo of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza, Mr Frank Nweke, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of Fedex,Ibrahim Sule,Larry Christopher, Puppy Scammers are impostors claiming to be the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. During our Investigation, we noticed that the reason why you have not received your payment is because you have not fulfilled your Financial Obligation given to you in respect of your Contract/Inheritance Payment.


Therefore, we have contacted the Federal Ministry Of Finance on your behalf and they have brought a solution to your problem by cordinating your payment in total USD$11,000.000.00 in an ATM CARD which you can use to withdraw money from any ATM MACHINE CENTER anywhere in the world with a maximum of $4000 to $5000 United States Dollars daily. You now have the lawful right to claim your fund in an ATM CARD.


Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in this transaction, you have to be rest assured for this is 100% risk free it is our duty to protect the American Citizens. All I want you to do is to contact the ATM CARD CENTER via email for their requirements to proceed and procure your Approval Slip on your behalf which will cost you $160.00 only and note that your Approval Slip which contains details of the agent who will process your transaction.



NAME: Kelvin Williams



Do contact Mr. Kelvin Williams of the ATM CARD CENTRE with your details:









So your files would be updated after which he will send the payment information which you'll use in making payment of $160.00 via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer for the procurement of your Approval Slip after which the delivery of your ATM CARD will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay.


We order you get back to this office after you have contacted the ATM SWIFT CARD CENTER and we do await your response so we can move on with our Investigation and make sure your ATM SWIFT CARD gets to you.


Thanks and hope to read from you soon.


FBI Director Robert S.Mueller III.


Note: Do disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possesion of your ATM CARD, you are hereby adviced only to be in contact with Mr. Kelvin Williams of the ATM CARD CENTRE who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your ATM CARD PAYMENT and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon and commence investigation.


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You people are crazy putting all this on a public web site. Anybody could simply take the details from the mails, pretend to be you and claim your (rightfully allocated) money!


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Off you go then. Just slip me a tenner for my trouble, and you can keep the rest. Oh, and give my love to Kelvin.


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That FBI one just above (ATM Center/Centre) is so bad it's almost hilarious. And a Yahoo China e-mail address? ( Oh, really. :rolleyes:

I love reading these things. Mildy amusing, I must say. ^_^


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Ha, I didn't even notice the Chinese address - I was too caught up in the tangled web of FedEx and puppy scammers. Keeping an eye out for all those impostors is a full-time job too. Place seems to be riddled with them.


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Not fair. I never get these interesting spam e mails. Have only ever seen them on TT.


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I'm in negotiations with this kind soul now:



From Miss Madinah Abed.


Dearest One,


I am Miss Madinah Abed young medical student from Cote d’Ivoire West Africa. I would like to go into a partnership with you; it is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country. Though I have not met with you before but I believe one has to risk confident in succeed sometimes in life. There is this huge amount ($10.500, 000, 00 Dollars) Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars which my late Father deposited on my name in the suspense account with one Bank here in Abidjan before his Death.


Now I have decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Africa for security and political reasons. I want you to help me claim and retrieve these fund from the Bank and transfer it into your personal account in your country for investment purposes, since the money is deposited in the suspense account I can not have access to the fund until it is transferred out from the account that is why I am contacting you to assists me and see that the Bank transfer the money into your personal account for to me to leave this country and meet you over there.


I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways:

1) To provide a bank account into which this money would be transferred to.

(2) To serve as a guardian of this fund.

(3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a resident permit in your country.


If you can be of assistance to me I will be pleased to offer you 10% of the total fund, and again we are going to invest together and share what ever profit we make together, I want you to get back to me as soon as possible so that I will tell you what next step to take to enable us conclude this transfer. Please do reply me with this email address for more details about this transfer:


I am waiting for your soonest response.


Yours Sincerely,


Miss. Madinah Abed.


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I don't like Anthony J Williams Esq's lack of personal I will not help him in the slightest





I am Mr. Anthony J. Williams, a legal practitioner in United Arab Emirate. And personal attorney to Engineer Frank Batres. A deceased client of mine who died as a result of a heart-related condition in february 2003.I have contacted you to assist in the distribution of the funds left behind by my late client. Before it is confiscated or declared unserviceable by the custodian bank, and this deposit valued US$ 9 .5 million) United States Dollars.


This bank has issued me a notice to contact the next of kin of my client, or have the account confiscated. My proposition to you is to seek Your consent in presenting you as the next of kin (beneficiary) to my late Client¢s Estates, since you have the same nationality and last name, So that the proceeds of this account can be remitted into your account as a foreign Partner. Then we can both share the funding on a mutually

agreement and Percentage.


All legal documentations to back up your claims as my late client's next of kin will be provided. All I require is your absolute honesty, co-operation and total adherence to my instructions, to enable us transfer This funds into your account smoothly. This transaction will be executed Under a legitimate arrangement, which will protect you from any?

Infraction of the law.


If this proposition offends your moral ethics, do accept my sincere Apology. In the contrary, if it pleases you, then contact me with urgency Via this email address below indicating your interest.


I shall await your response. Please send me the following information


about you


1. Full name


2. Phone number


3. Age and occupation.


Yours faithfully,




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Looks like thanks to Angie we can all get a EUR2400 late Christmas present. Red flags amongst others, the real website link is mentioned ( but the link is, the website is registered in Belgium (but only since 04.01.2009), and the e-mail address supplied by, the registrar for EU domains is A well known provider of 'official' e-mail addresses. Having said that the link appears to be currently unreachable. Be careful out there!



Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


kaum zu glauben, aber es ist wahr: Die Bundesregierung hat tatsächlich jedem deutschen Bundesbürger über 18 sage und schreibe 2400 EURO zum Konjukturaufschwung zur Verfügung gestellt.


Keiner hat es glauben wollen, jetzt ist es wahr geworden: 12 Monate mit je 200 EURO ergeben zusammen 2400 EURO


Sichern sie sich jetzt Ihren Anteil unter Eingabe Ihrer ganzen notwendigen Daten, nehmen Sie Ihren Auswis zur Hand bevor Sie das Formular öffnen.


Auszahlende Behörde ist das Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales BMAS, Wilhelmstraße 49, 10117 Berlin (


Klicken sie jetzt hier und holen sie sich Ihren Anteil ab:


Die Bundeskanzlerin hat es tatsächlich fertiggebracht - Ein Lob hierfür auch von unserer Seite nochmals.


Helfen Sie uns mit der Verbreitung dieser Information, damit jeder seinen Anteil zum Konjunkturaufbau erhält und senden Sie diese Email umgehend an alle Ihre Freunde und Bekannte weiter. Nur so ist ein flächendeckender Informationsfluss gewährleistet.


Vielen Dank für Ihre Mithilfe.


Mit freundlichen Neujahrsgrüssen


Verbund der Steuerzahler eV


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Happy Smoking: Rauchen wieder erlaubt!!!



Gesuender in's Neue Jahr 2009 Starten!!!


gönnen Sie sich, Ihren Lieben, Bekannten, Freunden und Ihrer Familie gesuenderes, guenstiges und freies Rauchen mit HappySmoking!


Gesund? Die HappySmoking enthaelt keinen Teer und keine krebserregenden Stoffe mehr!

Guenstig? Eine Schachtel kostet umgerechnet nur noch ca. 1 Euro!

Freiheit? Rauchen Sie wieder ueberall. Wann und Wo immer Sie wollen!


Und damit die Gesundheit auch Spass macht, hier unser Neujahrsgeschenk!

Zu jeder Bestellung einer HappySmoking E-Zigarette, ob Micro-E-Zigarette, Mini-E-Zigarette oder der E-Zigarette gibt es ein schickes Leder-Etui GRATIS dazu.


Noch nicht Genug! Ausserdem bekommen Sie noch ein Autoladegraet UMSONST!

Und fuer alle denen das nicht reicht!

Hier noch ein ganz spezielles Neujahrsgeschenk!


Durch Eingabe des Codes: "X7G8" bei der Bestellung, erhalten Sie zusaetzlich noch

10 Euro Rabatt auf Ihre Bestellung.

Worauf warten Sie? Schenken Sie sich, Ihren Lieben, Bekannten, Freunden und Ihrer Familie

Gesundheit, Freiheit und sofort guenstiges Rauchen.

Hier gehts zur Bestellung oder zu weiteren Infos!



HappySmoking Ltd. 95 Wilton Road London SW1V 1PZ Registered 6525405

To my real email address too, not a throwaway. :(


I do wish they'd explained what an E-Cigarette is though. Electronic?


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I have a new email address!

You can now email me at:


- Hellow,I am very glad to contact you now, please i know that my mail will come to you as a surprise but rest assure is for good not for bad. I'm Barri Batin amoussou from Benin Rep. i will not like to west your time somuch, i have 11,000.000.00USD that i want to transfer in your Bank account,this is not kids play or internet joke.Please if you know that your Bank account can not contain this fund, no need for you to west my time or yours by replying me,unless you will open another account that can contain the fund, befor we can achieve to transfer this fund to your account.CONTACT ME ON THIS MAIL: I have only your email contact address and your name and i will like to have others of your contacts like fax and phone noumber for easy communication and your address. I will stop here for now till i hear from you. (one heart) Barrister Batin Amoussou

Now why dont I give" Barrister Batin Amoussou"my fax number so he more easy communicate with my self.


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i have paid the delivery fees for your cheque and all the

necessary arrengement has made WITH SPEED COMPANY and manager of

ecobank told me that the cheque will expire before getting

to you. so i told him to cashthe $1.5 milion and deposited

the cash with speed courier company .now contact the

speed company with this information




Telephone; +22998672127


Send your Name, Address,Telephone and a Copy of

picture to them, and remember that speed company dont know

the content of the box, because i registered it as africa


edit oh i forgot the conclusion of the letter






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The Microsoft Lottery

P O Box 1010

Sydney, Australia

(Customer Services)



Ref.Number: MICROAA4/734-0

Batch: 25060766143-BTA/06


Dear Lucky Winner,

Congratulations as we happily announce to you today that the draw.Of the MICROSOFT AUSTRALIAN ONLINE LOTTERY, online International Lottery program held on the 10TH JANUARY.2009 in Australia. Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: G276017-487 with Serial number 493-678 drew the lucky numbers:[ 7-18-87-45-69-63 ].


The Bonus Ball [02], which subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category i.e, matches 3 plus bonus. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of US$400,000.00 (Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) credited to file nos KTU/9023418808/04.


All participants for the online version were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites through computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000 email addresses of unions, associations and corporate bodies that are listed online. This promotion takes place yearly.


Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our U booklet representative office in west Africa as indicated in your play coupon. In view of this, Your US$400,000 (Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) would be released to you by our payment offices here in west Africa. Our west African agent Mr Abdul Rashid immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him.


For security reasons,you are advised to keep your winning information confidential until your claim is processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program.




To claim your won prize money, please contact our claims agent with the verification form below:


Overseas Claims Unit



Name: Mr Abdul Rashid

From Sydney Australia.












TEL NO:...






Our agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him on the email and telephone stated above. You may wish to establish contact with him via e-mail with the particulars presented above citing the batch and reference numbers to this letter.





Good luck from me and members of staff of the MICROSOFT AUSTRALIAN LOTTERY INC.


Yours Faithfully,

Mrs Rose Henry.


Online coordinator for MICROSOFT AUSTRALIAN ON-LINE PROMOTIONS. International Program.


Copyright © 1994-2009 The Micro Soft Australian Online Lottery Inc. All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Guideline.

The two that I completely trust: Microsoft and Honest Abdul...

They even have a copyright on this scam, reminds me of Vista


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Wow, this is good news from



OXFAM GB -UK has awarded you £850,000 from her cash/grant donation. Contact Dr.Terry Williams via

Qualification Number(OG/N231/E101/BDB)

I found some more details here. That Terry Williams certainly gets around a bit. Any less previledged people reading this, step up and form an orderly queue.


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