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Pots of evil is the nickname given by TT'ers to the Feuerzangenbowle that is served on Munich's Rindermarkt during Advent. Feuerzangenbowle, often abbreviated as FZB, is a type of mulled wine that contains generous quantities of rum. Its potency, together with the fact that it is served in clay mugs, is what originated the name "pots of evil".


There are a number of stalls at the Rindermarkt Christmas Market. The one that serves the Feuerzangenbowle, and usually prefered by TT'ers, is number 215. It is located exactly by the green arrow in this Google Maps link. That's the southern-most side of the Rindermarkt, opposite the Konen store.




Dates and meetups


Opening dates for the Christmas market late November until midday 24th December. The TT group generally meets on Fridays, late afternoon or early evening. Check this discussion to see details of the next "pots of evil" meet-up


For more general information, see the wiki page: Pots of evil


See also the discussion archive from previous pots of evil meetups.


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