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Cosmetic Dentistry in Munich

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some of you will know that I've been getting my teeth fixed. Well the last inlays were fitted yesterday and it all looks great :D

But in the clinic there were a lot of people who are not usually there. Who were they?

It was an RTL film crew!

Filming for a new RTL programme launching in October.

Yes it is for the German version of Fox TV's "The Swan". Actually that's the format that has been bought but I think that they have left out the beauty pageant bit which makes it more like this show.

Well, there were 5000 applicants, 10 winners have been chosen and they have 42 days to go from grot to hot.

The plastic surgery will be done by Prof. Werner L. Mang Germany's most renowned plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon (and creator of many bits of stars from screen and stage *cough*).

The dental work will be done by my dentist, Dr Ulrich Kurze. So if anyone wants to go and see him, get on his books quick because as soon as the programme goes out you can forget getting an appointment. And yes a lot of his work is covered by health insurance (and you can watch a DVD on special glasses while he drills and fills which is pretty great).

Katrina :D


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