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33 minutes ago, Frantic said:


An update about this, at least for my current purchase process.


After the sign of the contract I got 2 bills from the Notar:


1. Related to the kaufvertrag handling and betreuungstätigkeit (falligkkeitemitteilung and Überwaching eigentumsumscrheibung)

2. Related to the Grundpfand recht. 


Till the call I made today to the Notar to ask if I should have expected further Invoice from them, I thought that the 2. was covering just the Grundschuld creation for the hypo and the creation of this "lock" on the Grundbuch that stop the seller to sell the property to someonelese in the meanwhile.

But apparently this 2. covered also the "effort" from Notar office for asking/requesting/following/ complete update of Grundbuch till the point we are the new owner on this document.


Strange things is that while the Grundbuch update fees (that i pay to the local landsjutiz-something) are the expected 0.5%, the notar fees are basically half of the expected 1.5%. I know that this 1.5% is not a fixed value but 0,75% of difference appears to me a huge difference.



PS: writing the part in bold took me 5 minutes :wacko:

Perhaps it is similar to how a Steuerberater has fixed charges, and the more complicated the taxes, the higher the rate.


As our purchase contracts were very straight forward, the fees are lower. The seller didn't have a mortgage to remove from the Grundbuch and our contract was pretty standard with just a few custom lines.


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4 minutes ago, 9000 said:

My notar costs were also a lot lower than I was expecting. 

This calculator from Handelsblatt shows the breakdown of the components.

In my case several positions were not charged or were reduced.


We also saved quite a lot by doing all the money transfers ourselves


Yeah I have all the Notar bills now and the total amount was 1.24%. Decent.


The tax bill however was spot on.


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