Friday Beergarden. 19th January. Humboldt's near Kolumbusplatz

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Hello binge watchers
If you've never been to Humboldt's at Humboldtstrasse 1. near Kolumbusplatz U-Bahn. is a good time to discover why we like it a lot.
We have all the high tables and the bar. Go in. Turn left, and all that area is us lot.
They have Cocktails as well as Augustiner, Tegernseer and Franziskaner all mixed together!
Everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun.
First timers, just ask for Ian or Gwyn if you'd like help to get started.
People usually begin arriving after 6.45pm ish.
Call/SMS me if you can't find us or don't know anyone when you get there.

0172 7683510  or live chat on Telegram here
Humboldtstrasse 1  on the map
U-Bahn U1/U2 Kolumbusplatz. (4 mins walk).
Bus 58 Claude-Lorrain-Str. (stops right outside)

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Thank God I drink Weißbier, so I don't have to decide between Augustiner Helles and Tegernsee Helles. Tough call 🤗.


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