Friday beer garden. 30th September. Tannengarten beergarden in Sendling

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Hello scrutinisers

This week the sun will be shining warm on the Tannengarten beergarden from 5.30pm. And later we've booked the high tables inside on the left, by the bar, in the name Hipster Potamus. Points for coming up with a funny definition.
The Gasthaus used to be called the Spektacle and is now called Gasthaus Tannengarten.  But the beergarden was always called the Tannengarten. </history>
As is our speciality, newbies will be treated nice-tastically.



0172 7683510

The address is Pfeuferstraße 32

Harras U6 or Poccistrasse U3/U6

Bus 53 (Sendlinger Kirche) / 132 / 62 /134 bus 

Tanngengarten-garden.jpg.9db5b20d493d874 Tanngengarten-bar.jpg.e38b128dfe2d46e00b


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