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On 30.8.2022, 15:24:21, dstanners said:

Here in the glorious Eifel, it's about the speed you can paddle a pumpkin rather than the distance. This year's event is on 18 September so he has time to hollow out a new Nebraskan pumpkin,  Kürbisschau 2021 - Krewelshof Köln & Eifel Eventlocations


Do they only paddle pumpkins in the Eifel or do they also paddle other types of squash?


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"Heteroparental superfecundation" isn't something you read about every day:


"Woman has twins from two different fathers after sex with two men on same day"



A woman gave birth to two babies who have different fathers after having sex with two men in one day. The 19-year-old had a DNA test done on the twins when they were eight months old in a bid to determine who the father was.


But the test to match a man she thought was father to both of her twins came back positive for just one of the babies.


The woman, who has asked not to be named, said: "I remembered that I had had sex with another man and called him to take the test, which was positive. "I was surprised by the results. I didn't know this could happen and the babies are very similar."


The birth certificate still registers just one man as the father of both children, with the mother, reports the Star. She added: "He takes care of both of them, helps me a lot and gives them all the necessary support that they need."


Dr Tulio Jorge Franco has been studying the unusual pregnancy, which is understood to be only the 20th known case of heteroparental superfecundation.




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