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I saw something odd happen for the 1st time ever in World Snooker Main Tour history on Wednesday evening during the UK Championships at the Barbican Centre in York.


Neil Robertson (Australian) turned to view the screen showing the scores (needing to calculate the remaining possibilities) at a critical stage of play in a closely fought strategic frame so the TV camera immediately focussed on the same screen only for it to clear for an automatic Windows update pushed by Microsoft!!! :unsure::lol:


The players were totally nonplussed,:angry::o the commentators astonished :wacko:and struggling not to laugh out loud, :D the ref full on apologetic to the players while the audience were falling over themselves to get screenshots before the screen restarted and play resumed.




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I have been watching some of the snooker but missed that.


I recall some years ago arriving at Gatwick airport from Geneva & all the monitors were showing some Windows error.

And on some Air Berlin flight many years ago the entertainment screens were displaying diagnostics (during take-off)!


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