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Where to exhibit and sell hand-made products

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I've been searching the internet for an hour trying to find someone who can help me who knows Germany well.


We (our family) own a company called Beads & Beads. Our company creates beaded products that are new to the Western world (our ideas come from Egypt, and so they have an Eastern uniqueness to them) and we currrently sell in the U.S. and of course Egypt. My brother in law is visiting Frankfurt for a week and we were hoping to introduce our stuff there.


Our site is If you check it out, you'll see we make beaded vases, pens, keychains, clay pottery (used as air fresheners), table mats, prayer beads, and more.




Not knowing any German though my brother in law is having a darn difficult time finding the right place to exhibit the products. If you could please give any word of advice, any suggestion as to who he can contact or where he could go, it'd be quite nice and greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much. Sincerely, Mona.


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