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I was provided with a room in a Rathaus centre in Germany. Recently, they informed me that if I want to live in the apartment to have a little better room and so on, I need to find an apartment that complies with WBS (Wohnberechtigungsschein) conditions in North Rhine-Westphalia, area and Rathaus will be paying to the person who will be providing me with a room. However, I don't know how to find such apartment on the internet or how to get access to this info.. Can anybody help me please?

Will really appreaciate. Thanks a lot


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About 5 years ago in Berlin I had a WBS and found that apartments requiring the certificate said it explicitly in the advertisements. I think there is a quota of rentals set aside for WBS holders and so it is like a specialist subset of the rental market.

That said, I was pretty surprised (and disappointed) to discover how many other apartment hunters had the same certificate. In Berlin it didn't seem to offer much of an advantage in the actual search — just in the financial support for rent.


If you use online rental agencies like ImmobilienScout you'll often find a WBS filter in the search. The same goes for the big housing developers.


Not sure how useful Kleinanzeigen is in Hannover, but you can drop WBS into its search field and see what comes up. People wanting to find a Nachmieter for a WBS apartment have to find another one with a certificate I think.


Good luck with your search anyway!


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