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After a car accident a few years and months of physio last year i was finally able to sleep without pain and walk without a stick. i have permanent injuries to shoulder, spine, neck and hip. Age slows recovery

This week I had my mammogram and pap smear. The  Mammogram is normal procedure, my arm is placed one way and neck twisted another. The pain is pretty bad but i get through it. I´m back on pain killers but it needed to be done.

Today was the pap smear and i explain my mobility issues and ask to use the bench rather than the chair, as i did last time.

NO. It was a new doctor and a new set up.

so i get into the chair but i can not get my legs into the rests so the doctor puts them in and then pushes each leg down for the correct position. They won´t go so she pushes harder. The pain is excrutiating but she decides to do a sonar exam while pushing my legs down.

After 15 minutes of having my leg forced into a certain position my muscles go into spasm and i can barely stand. I certainly couldn´t get dressed again apart from managing to get my knickers back on. 

I have to leave with just a long shirt and my coat.

Now i am left struggling to walk, back on the strong pain killers and in need of physio.

However the frauenartz had decided i must go through this again in 6 months, which is about how long physio takes to get me mobile again.

They also wanted to do a second mammogram and another colonoscopy, the last one being 2 months ago. These are little extras i must pay for.

She is also talking  laparotomy.

Time to talk to my hausartz I think. However the frauenartz were not too happy to send the results to my hausartz!

I shall be glad when i am too old to go through all of this!


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