police cannot decide on car accident

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As in all situations when the police want to talk to you, your duty is limited regarding the information you have to give the police. 


You are not required to testify against yourself.  That means you don't have to give them hardly any information.  Watch this guy (in German) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctsXfSv1tes  from about 01:15 to 04:30.    Watch this American on same concept https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE   at about 19:23 to 25:05.


In a traffic accident situation you have to give the police 4 bits of info.  Your official address, where they can currently find you, your vehicle’s license info, and let them inspect your vehicle.  You don’t have to say where you were coming from or going to. 


You don’t have to say whether you left the scene or not and why you came back. 


If the police invite you to come in and speak with them.  Don’t.  Get a Fachanwalt for Verkehrsrecht and get some advice, likely you’ll be told by your Rechtsanwalt not to talk to the police.   


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