I don’t wanna pay back on insurance

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So I am 2 years behind on paying life insurance but I’d preferably not be paying for them. I wanna get insurance now.. is there any way or any private providers that will enable me? 

side question would be: is anybody even actually looking at the difference between the dates… or I can wake up w a horrible fine unexpectedly 3 yrs from now for example



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Hi Russell,

Normally life assurance companies would cancel a policy if 3 months of arrears occurs. 


Do you mean Health Insurance? 


If so, there is no reason why you can't obtain health insurance now. You indeed should have to pay back payments for the time you were uninsured, however, some companies (on occasion) let this slide or are open to negotiation. Please contact me directly for more info here. 


And yes, the longer you leave it, the bigger the potential bill is. 


Just get yourself insured.




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