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Welcome!  I decided to post in the Oberpfalz/Franken category, because I live here since 2011 and would like to help Newcomers, or people that plan to move in this area, with current issues that come up moving here to Bavaria.


This website is a wonderful place to find information, it helped me a lot when I prepared for my move and the first years afterwards. For area specific information for the Oberpfaly in particular though, there are not that many postings. Since I know the area between Munich and Nuernberg very well, someone may benefit from my experience and knowledge. I live in the city of Regensburg, situated approx. 1 hr. from Nuernberg and 1 hr. from Munich.


So, if you would like to introduce yourself here, or have any questions, feel free to comment here, or send me a private message.





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