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There needs to be plenty of liquid in the bottom, you add the thing which is going to soak it up - pasta/rice whatever, the other ingredients on top, and do not stir until you are done. If you stir, it's way more likely to burn.


It is hard to judge the amount of liquid, because if you put in the 'right' amount for eg. rice, a fair bit is lost as steam so that's not going to be enough.


Cooking rice separately is easy by absorption - you don't even need to use power past the initial boil, and it cooks perfectly every time. Only thing being it doesn't get to meld with the other flavours in the pot. You need a heavy pan with a well-fitting lid for this.


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NYT/Wirecutter did a review of air fryers a few years ago, and found that they didn't really recommend any of them because actually a convection toaster oven works better for most things. The food gets spread out more on a tray, rather than balled up in a basket, so cooks more evenly. They softened their stance a little though, and say that a "pod" type of air fryer is good for small portions, if you don't want to use the counter space - but still recommend the toaster oven. I'd like to get one or the other, I guess I'm leaning towards the toaster oven type. Let's see if there are any "Black Friday" deals.


The 3 Best Air Fryers of 2022 | Reviews by Wirecutter


I'm also looking at this one, great reviews, but I can't quite work out what the advantage of air-frying your mobile phone is:


Ylife, mobile phone case compatible with Huawei, Samsung Galaxy A40, ZTT-B-14 : Home & Kitchen


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Just at this very moment my trusty airfryer is doing three chicken legs and spud quarters spiced up with a fajita, curry, Naga joloka and soy mix with corn on the cob on the side. My one room pokey hole under the roof smells amazing.


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