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We’ve just officially moved into our new still-under-construction home this week. I thought a good way to say hello to everyone - neighbors that we know and don’t know yet - would be to do a New York style “we’re you’re new neighbors” type of card in which I very basically mention that we’ve finally moved and are looking forward to getting to know them or whatever. I would deliver it in person with my little girl so that she could say hello as well (she is extremely friendly and eager to meet the neighbors). Is it normal here in the Schwarzwald to do such a thing? And if not, would it be a welcome gesture regardless? It’s always nice where I come from but I’m still not so familiar with the culture here and my German is basic at best, but I’m not embarrassed by it.



Our home has been under construction for some time now - slowed down significantly due to the pandemic shortage problems. However we have met some of the new neighbors, most of whom have been quite kind, some not so much. My husband and our dogs moved into the house over the winter so that he could finish up construction. He is very charming but kind of has a very poor sense of what’s appropriate and what’s not so I’m hoping that in my absence he hasn’t put anyone off.

As of two weeks ago I’ve officially moved into our new house (still under construction) with our newborn and our little girl who is four years old. Since I arrived with our little babies I have seen almost none of our new neighbors while I’ve been out and about. The few that I have seen have been extremely friendly, with the exception of the resident stickler who has however been obligatorily polite as the Germans here tend to be.


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