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Cost of Living Adjustment from Employer

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This is a question to those of us with employment: 


Did you receive a cost of living adjustment, and if so, did it reflect the inflation we are living in?


I am curious for a few reasons. One, I did receive one but it was reflective of pre-pandemic prices. Secondly, everywhere I turn I have to pay more for products and services than I did many years ago. If I ask my dentist, for example, why the bill is 25 Euro more, I am told that it is because the cost of goods for them is higher. 


Fair enough. But in the end, it appears the only one getting real cost of living adjustments are those that are companies or the self-employed that are able to pass rising costs to their customers. My only choice is to work for less, significantly less, as I pay more for basic goods and services. 


All of us are experiencing this, some more acutely than others. But knowing that an employer can pass on higher prices to customers but ask their employees to work for less is very problematic. 


Found this article that some of you may find interesting:



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