Stay in Berlin but work remotely from Bremen with only 1 address registered?

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Currently I'm working in Bremen and I registered here as my only adress, but I wanted to live soon in Berlin.




The job allows me to work from home, so now I just don't know what happens:


- Alternatives 1: I rent an apartment in Berlin and register it here, and get deregistered automatically in Bremen. I will pay income tax for Berlin only?


- Alternatives 2: I rent an apartment in Berlin and keep it as secondary address, although I live all days in Berlin? The main address is still in Bremen and I keep my shared apartment here for nothing (no subslet to anyone). I will pay income tax for Bremen as usual and I will get a Zweitwohnungsteuer from Berlin? Which is 10% total Kaltmiete of my apartment in Berlin?


What do you think, which case can be the best for me? Thanks


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