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School and specials needs/inclusion class in Simmern

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Hi! We're planning to move to Simmern, Rhineland-Palatinate from Unna, NRW because my husband received a job offer at Hahn Airport.
We have two kids, the older one in 2. klasse and the younger one finally in Kindergarten after a long, long wait. The younger one should be old enough for Grundschule next year. With the schooling, the kids and I may wait for this school year to end before moving and have my husband move ahead as moving now may be too disruptive for the children. And we probably won´t get a kindergarten place soon enough after moving.
Would transferring at 3.Klasse be an issue? I heard that this is the year kids start getting marks on their report cards, and that 3 & 4 Klasse are quite important.
My younger one is autistic. Does Simmern have good access & facilities for Autistics? Or is it better to move bit further to Bad Kreuznach district or Mainz-Bingen district? So far what I searched, the special focus schools and special needs schools are done differently compared to NRW. I hope there are some members here with experience in schooling and therapies for Autistic kids in Rhineland-Palatinate.
Thank you. :)

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