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Bundesagentur Approval for Foreign Student Graduated in Germany

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Hi Everyone,

I tried to find the answer to my exact question and looked at this platform and on the internet as well, but getting mixed answers and wasn't sure about either of them. 
I am an international non-EU student and came to Germany for my masters. So, after graduating from Germany, I found a job and applied for Work Permit (Normal work permit and not Blue Card) about 8 weeks ago. As it was taking a bit long so I contacted the person handling my case at ausländerbehörde and she told me that she is still waiting for the approval of Bundesagentur ("leider warten wir noch auf Stellungnahme der Bundesagentur aber ich melde mich umgehend bei Ihnen sobald diese eingetroffen ist."). The job is related to my studies and the salary is appropriate according to the degree (as there are many other people (non-EU German graduates) who started working at the same company a few months ago with the same salary and degree). Most of them got theirs in 4-5 weeks. Its been 8 weeks and now I am starting to get worried as my current residence permit expires soon.

So, I read at some places that if you have studied in Germany and have a German university degree, you do not need the approval of Bundesagentur and its up to ausländerbehördeto decide on your work permit application. I wanted to know if this is true and anyone can guide me with this rule (with official links etc)?
Thank you very much


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