Citizenship with a 3-year Post-Doctorate University Contract

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I'm a PhD student on a scholarship, which means I have only a student residence permit. I'll be done with my PhD later this year and would like to apply for German citizenship afterwards.  From October, I would have lived in Germany for 7 years and I have a B2 language certificate. I would love to stay on as a postdoctoral researcher at the university and I'll be given a contract that lasts for about 3 years. I know that I can apply for a Blue Card with this contract because I've seen someone else do it about 3 years ago. I've also seen the case of a PhD student who had a contract (and not a scholarship) and applied successfully for citizenship. But I would like to ask: What's the possibility that my citizenship application would be turned down on the basis that my postdoctoral contract is only 3 years long? Would this matter at all or is it sufficient for them to see that at the moment I can comfortably secure my financial situation and that I have the appropriate residence permit to apply for citizenship?


Many thanks in advance.


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