Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

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On 06/05/2022, 12:26:25, mitsmorri said:

As we are free people I don't understand why something like this can be limited. A strongly wiled person might work until 4 pm, then work again 6 until 12 at night if they want to earn more. (also have permission from work to do other business on my time)


Make sure to read your agreement with your primary employer about freelance work carefully. I currently have a government job and do a little bit of freelance work on the side, and my state has very specific regulations about how much I can work on the side and about the documentation of freelance work.


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On 05/05/2022, 18:44:13, mitsmorri said:

Hi all,


my question is partially answered in previous one therefore I am asking again.


My situation is this:

1. I am full time employed and got written letter of approval from my company which allows me to do separate activity as well

2. I have a private website and mobile app in which I sell digital products and receive money in my bank account


What I want to do/need advice:


I am receiving more then 20 000 euro per year as extra income thanks to my Nebenjob activity.

I want to be totally legal and register now either as Gewerbe/Freiberuflich (dont know what is fit for my purpose) while also working full time job.



1. Can that be done ?

2. If yes, what should I register. As gewerbe or Freiberflich ? I can earn extra income even more then 100 000 euro per year

3. What about the taxes and insurances ??? Right now the company pays my health insurance and social ones and I want to keep this that way. I only want to pay extra tax according to the rules for my extra income. Is that possible or how does it work?


Thank you all!!!

Danke Schön!!!



Maybe you want to consider also GmbH, as selling digital products is not likely to be a freelance profession and more likely to be business income. This can be as self employed or as a company. MWST will become due. Also Trade Tax. Registration may be needed. If the digital services are training, then also you might be considered an Artist, so KSV pension fund? Last time I looked digital services with MWST was just a complete nightmare, with you having to register/file/pay in N different EU states instead of just in Germany. I think they fixed this issue now, but didn't look at it recently.


Consider also IP issues with a trade company as there are patent trolls who target successful 'apps', which may suggest some sort of limited liability should be the route. Not starting out with the correct form I could image could cause problems. You definitely need a tax advisor to discuss these topics with.


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On 08/05/2022, 14:52:26, yomintyfresh said:

I currently have a government job and do a little bit of freelance work on the side, ...

Ah, this is where you go wrong, my young Padawan 👻.


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