Getting my Versicherungsverlauf sent to me in another country?

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Yo Toytowners! It feels good to be back on these hallowed greyscale pages.


I'm now living in Lithuania (yes, the place next to WWIII). Looks like I will (assuming we survive) get a state pension here, and I think the EU means my DE contributions can be counted towards that too.


So: I want to get hold of my retirement insurance (state pension) records (Versicherungsverlauf) from the awesome offices in Hessen, but it seems like this is a bigger deal from abroad then just rocking up at Konsti and getting a printout.


I actually do have a mail redirect in place so theoretically they should just send it to me but it doesn't look like it's happening.


Emails and phone calls to  Deutsche Rentenversicherung seem to just go into a black hole.


Anyone successfully got this magic piece of paper from another country before and got a hint how to do it?


Otherwise see you at Konsti this summer for a pizza, maybe.


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well - not real sure, but I believe once you move outside of Germany, your records will be transferred from where your offices were before (Hessen) to Rentenversicherung Bund (Berlin).


The easiest way to get your Rentenauskunft, or even the full Kontenklärung, from them is online:


You might have to bring a little bit of patience.... the website is down frequently, and not very user-friendly in general. Persistence is key here.


Good luck!


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Under EU rules you will be entitled to a pension from each country in which you have contributed to the social security pension (EC 883/2004 if you are interested in the legislation).


When you reach state pension age in each country they will each perform 2 calculations and award you the higher of those as a pension:

  1. The amount of pension looking only at their country's qualifying years/amounts etc
  2. a theoretical amount assuming all years had been concluded in their country and then pro-rating that amount to their countries qualifying years

You will apply for your pensions in the country of residence at that time and they liaise with all other relevant countries.


In Germany they will be interested, from a German rules perspective, in your post-17 activity and that may provide a higher amount under calculation 1.  Doing a Kontenklärung in Germany would be useful from that regard, even though the years in question will also feature in calculation 2.  Such overlaps are not double-counted but because of the way the German rules work it may still lead to a higher pension.


I would therefore contact DRV using using your Versicherungsnummer and they will pass it to Hessen or wherever your records will be held as an ex-pat and ask for a KontenKlärung taking into account your time in all other EU/UK countries. 


Lithuania will perform the same calculations from their perspective but I know not how they treat post-17, non-working years, so I would contact them and ask for a similar process covering all countries.  They may not oblige (the UK just says wait and see) but worth asking.





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