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I'm with Viactiv and they have been pretty rough when it comes to giving me advice in the past, giving me wrong information and telling me one thing while doing another. 


10 days ago I wrote them to tell me how they calculate sick days that they have to pay for, how many I get, how many I have left, if they renew, when they renew. Etc. I asked them to contact me only by email or post (so I have everything in writing and it's less stressful for me to read than to try and keep up on the phone). 


They hadn't got back to me after three business days so I contacted them again to find out if there was an issue, no reply after two more days, I wrote again last Friday to ask if they are dealing with my request and still nothing. 


On Saturday my wife contacted them for a totally different matter concerning her account (moving the kids off hers and onto mine) and they got back to her by 10am Monday, by Monday evening I had a letter from them on my Viactiv App with all the forms I need to put the kids on my insurance, despite the fact I haven't actually asked for any of this. 


I wrote to them again on Monday asking what was happening about all the emails I've been sending them and still nothing back.


Every time I send an email I get a message back saying "thank you for your email we'll get back to you ASAP", I've written to the main email and the woman who deals with my account and I'm getting nothing back at all. 


The email account I'm contacting them from is the email registered on my account with them. 


I'm totally at a loss, has anyone else ever had anything like this happen?


Does anyone know who I can contact if my insurance providers are stonewalling me? 


I'm totally on my last nerve with this, between them and my neurologist (who I suspect is a mill) I'm totally exhausted dealing with this. 


Thanks in advance. 




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