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12 hours ago, klingklang77 said:

To go a bit off-topic, what about pods in the washing machine? I use cold water for certain things in the washing machine. 

They are useless. My cousin tried it with an iPod. Or was it a Nokia? Can´t remember.


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On 1.2.2022, 17:51:15, BadDoggie said:


Was that an MLM ("multi-level marketing" -- a pyramid scam) or just a regular scam selling worthless shit to a lot of marks for a lot of [Deutsch]Marks? That is, were buyers also expected to rope in their friends, family, and acquaintances to then flog more sets (which they'd get a special "distributor price") in the standard pyramid fashion?


If there were actual MLMs running, could you ping me with any other info and references you have? Even names of people or brand names, anything at all. The Germanistik historian in me is especially interested as this is really the ending of my 1848-1948-ish military history specialty which "ends" on the transition into the Cold War. I also have some other shit on the back burner relating to MLMs, scams, and other interrelated problems.Thanks.



These were more hybrid, with traits from the "Schneeball system," the MLM we understand today, and Door to door salesmen, classic with the suitcase, greasy hair and gilb smile.

I can´t tell you any names but the range was from expensive and worthless (they didn´t do cheap in them days) to high quality and expensive.

The sales spiel was that should the Russ come one would have something valuable to sell.

Sorry I can´t tell you more as this is a fascinating aspect of post war Germany.


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